Aftermath. Chapter three...



Dabbling in unseen forces...


    I never walked home from school with my sister, she would walk the long way round hanging out with her mates, I would take the short cut  and walk by two houses that stood well back from the street. These houses always drew my attention. In the summer one had beautiful roses in the front garden. Mature trees lined one side of the steps leading up to the house. I thought it looked very grand. I would see the old man who lived there tending to his beloved blooms. My pace of walking would slow down so that I could admire his handiwork. I could see all the colours of the rainbow as they danced proudly about, savouring the sun's rays. I would love to have gone inside and looked round: there was  just something that intrigued me about the place. It felt that the house was watching me as I walked by each day.

  Like most people my sister's friends were fascinated by this old house we lived in, with its crumbling roof and beamed ceilings and its bit of history that we had learned over the years. The cellar below made a good setting for story telling, along with the shadows we had seen many times. After hearing stories about the unexplained noises in our bedroom, Joy and her friends decided to do the unthinkable. I knew it was there lurking in the shadows, just like I had known it was there in the wash-house all those years ago. It would only be a matter of time before it made itself known to the others.

  While poorly one night something came to Joy during the night, throwing us deeper into the abyss. Our  secret about Dennis would have to come out.

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