Mariel The Book Helper Part 1



Excerpt from a short story available on Kindle.

My Dearest Mariel,

If you’re reading this, I fear something happened to me. I hid this book in the library where I knew only Mrs. Johnson would find it and give it to you. This book will lead you through life. If it’s adventure you seek, this will give you that and much more. This book will show you who needs your help. All you have to do is press your nose in the pages and the scents of the children who read this book decades before you will reveal someone in need now. This book is so old; it has an ancient card in it that has signatures of children who read the book before you. On this card, you will see a name, and you will know this is the person to help.

One very important thing. Do not remove this book from the library, or something terrible will happen. Trust me.

Have fun and don’t forget to say your prayers.

I love you princess,

Excerpt from "Mariel the Book Helper" a short story on Kindle.

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