PASCAL (Sample chapter 1)



Gothic Horror Vampire

Chapter 1

The young handsome man was running through the blackened drizzling dark alley, his breathing was all he could hear and the pound of his heart beating. Glancing his head back, eyes stinging with tears and sweat, desperate to see the pack of hungry violent gang members gaining speed behind him. Tearing away his wrist watch flings to the ground and tumbles behind him, the boy carries on with his escape unknowing what he has left behind. A hand slowly picks up the watch and at a speed never seen before hurtles towards the sprinting boy and his pursuers. The sound of running feet on the streets and panting fills the misty night air, and the hunters have now become the hunted.

Turning fast around a sharp corner grasping hold of a lamppost he hurls himself over a wall and crashes abruptly onto a wet stinking pile of rubbish. He lays motionless and slowly pulls the rubbish over himself hoping to become invisible to the world, or just the pack of hunters searching for him. He could hear the pack bellowing out for him, targeting him, screaming for him desperate to get hold of him and to show off how threatening the pack of angry young thugs can be.

Crying with fear silently the lad covers his own mouth and feels the urine staining his jeans. A rat forages through the rubbish and takes a nip on the cowering lad’s leg, he tries not to make a sound as he tries to boot it away. He freezes when he can hear the thugs very close and says quietly, “Please no,” and terror glazes over his dark blue eyes.

The thugs are standing by the wall just feet away from the cowering lad below. One of the cruel thugs shouts out to the gang leader, “He must have gone down here somewhere, the fucking freak.” The scruffy head of the vile pack looks over the wall and answers his pathetic little gang of gutless bullies, “Na bet he is running towards the river; we can beat the shit out of him down there.” The head thug gave a smug expression on his face exposing his decayed teeth. Hearing a rustle below he was about to jump over the wall to have a closer look, just in case he was wrong, abruptly a squealing scream emanated from around the next corner, excitedly the head thug whispers to himself, “Yes got him.” and races off towards the scream that was still echoing through the alley.

The lad lying motionless, his eyes enlarged with relief that he might have now got a chance to escape. He gently pulls the rubbish away from his face and body, shaking the pieces of rotten food from his hair and eyebrows. Soundlessly and like a chameleon he moves with stealth and elevates his body out of the waste. He spots the rat still sniffing at his leg and jerks it away. His movements are halted when he hears a loud screaming and shouting, followed by a loud thud, he strains his eyes and moves his ear into the direction where the inhuman noises are originating from. More screams and bawling echo through the alley and this now seems more horrific than getting caught by the pursuers. Slowly he moves his head over the top of the wall and looks into the direction of the haunting sounds. The lamppost casts a low misty luminosity and he can see one of the pursuers striking and lunging at something or someone, and is then tossed around like a piece of sliced ham and disappears out of the lamplight. One of the gang members hurtles past him screaming and momentarily looks at him and heads off. Puzzled the lad climbs over the wall and stands motionless looking into the now silent and flickering lamplight. He takes in a hefty breath and makes a few vigilant steps towards the lamppost, his next step is stopped in mid-air as he can see the leader of the gang holding his neck staggering towards the wall and heading where he is standing. The rotten toothed leader is crying and coughing up blood and notices the victim they were chasing, “Help me, make it stop,” he cries and falls to the floor. The lad walks slowly towards the thug lying there and slowly reaches out kneeling down, he senses he is not alone and stands up rapidly, gasping as slowly the thug is dragged away weeping out of the lamplight. Some murmured gargles and a childish sob then nothing, the air is still and silent, all that is left to confirm of what has just happened before his eyes is a smear of dark red blood across the alley floor mixing with the misty rain and slowly trickles into the gutter.

The lad slowly walks backwards and utters to himself, “What the Fuck.” He turns around and treads slowly away from the strange scene. His pace quickens as what he has just seen starts to flash through in his thoughts and breaks into a slow run. Retracing the steps, he has been running through he stops and listens to the night’s silence, he can hear a strange echoed thump emanating from high above and stops and stands looking up at the rooftops, but sees nothing, yet he is frozen with fear and loneliness. scrutinising the houses and desperate to see a single light and the sanctuary of any other inhabitants, he sees nothing. The early hours are as lonely as ever and there are no signs of life or help. Walking with caution and reacting to every noise the young man turns into the familiar street and the rundown apartment he resides. He scuttles and fumbles with the key in his door and dashes in slamming it shut behind him. Holding his head, he slides down the door and begins to cry and cries himself to sleep.

A police siren hurtling through the streets outside wakes him up. Shaking his head, he walks up to the window and looks outside towards the commotion. “What the hell is going on,” he mutters to himself, half knowing and half not wanting to be involved in what he thinks might be happening in the emerging world outside. The telephone rings and makes him jump, “For fuck sake,” he shouts as he walks over to the phone. He picks it up in a tired can’t be bothered manner, “Hello,” a squawking voice greets him at the other end, “Reece is that you are you ok?” it’s his mother, “Yes mum I am fine, why?” he asks looking at his face in a reflection in a photo dangling on the wall. His mum starts to have a two-way conversation with his father, “Yes he has answered, we were worried as there was a shocking fight last night, just round the corner from you, me and your dad were worried you were involved.” Reece feels his stomach tighten as he reminiscences the strange sights he had observed, “No mum what fight? I was in last night I haven’t heard a thing.” His mum rambles on while Reece stretches his arms yawning, “Well it’s on the news this morning five lads about your age have been found dead, they think a wild dog has torn them apart.” While his mum goes into the full details Reece walks towards the window hoping to see something to back up this horror his mum is telling him. He moves the nicotine-stained curtains away from the glass to have a closer look, but can’t really see anything, just houses and a blue flashing reflected in the windows. Focusing back on his mum’s latest news bulletin, “Do they know who the boys were mum?” he asks in an apprehensive style, “No love they think they were some local druggies, you know the ones that hang outside the pubs.” While his mum goes on about the pitfalls of drugs and going out at night Reece adjusts his dick in his pants, “Mum I got to go I need to pee,” ignoring this his mother still rambles on about a friend who had her handbag snatched from her last week and how she never goes out again, “Mum!” he shouts, “I need to go to the loo,” a two second silence, “Ok love, your father wants to know you’re ok and he will call you later.” Reece gives out a sigh, “Yes tell him I am fine and will chat later.” Listening to his mum telling his dad what he has just said he tuts, “Bye mum, see you later.” Placing the phone half way down he can still hear his mum, “Okay love bye and chat later, remember we love you.” Reece hangs the phone up and runs to the bathroom.

Doing his buttons up Reece looks into the mirror above the sink, looking at his eyes and face, he smooth’s out his eyebrows and pulls a stray hair from his nostril. Turning towards the bath, he squats down and places in the plug. Gradually he turns the hot tap on and runs his hand under the flowing water waiting to feel it get hot. The hot water starts to burn his hand and pulls away quick and reaches for a towel and heads towards his bedroom, pulling his top off and trainers then socks he sits on the bed looking at his feet, thinking what he should do today. Should he tell the police about what he saw and be interrogated all day, or say nothing which seems the easier solution? Reece decides to say nothing as in a strange way whatever happened did him a favour. Reece jumps up realising the bath is still running and pulls his tight blue jeans down, recalling how he pissed himself last night he grimaces and throws the jeans onto a washing pile in the corner. He walks to the bathroom just wearing his tight blue boxers and pulls them down kicking them into a corner where there is more dirty washing. Testing the water, he gradually lowers himself in, “Shit, shit, shit,” he mumbles as he gets lower into the water. Reece stands back up and quickly turns on the cold water, standing on one leg then the other to stop his feet from getting burnt. The water seems nicer and sinks gently in and sighs as he feels the hot water warming his neck and then back, washing away the dirt and stress of the night. He slowly drifts off into a light sleep and moves the water around his body occasionally stroking himself, not enough to get aroused but just enough to feel a sensation. The water lapping at his neck and between his legs sends him into a relaxed sense of being and enables his mind to drift. Reece lives in this watery fantasy land and feels himself embracing a handsome tall dark long haired man, the man whispers into his ears and gently kisses his ear lobes, telling Reece how much he loves him and how he will take him away from this life of no money and depression. As Reece is lying in the bath fully eclipsed in this fantasy, the bath water swirls and overlaps the side spilling onto the floor, Reece clutches the side of the bath as the water ebbs and flows over his genitals and slowly he is erecting. He slowly touches himself and gets deeper into his sexual fantasy, the man touches him tenderly between his legs as he dreams in his fantasy. Reece places his own hand between his legs, slowly his fingers start to fumble and push into his anus, Reece starts to fervently masturbate. Fully into his watery meditation of watery sexual desires Reece starts to see another image forming and slows down his masturbation, a white-faced woman with crimson lips starts to appear wearing a huge headdress made of a large Ammonite fossil, placed in the centre top of her head, still masturbating Reece tries to see where this is going. With his eyes still closed and flickering, almost ready to ejaculate the face becomes clearer. The woman’s face seems to be right in front of him and opens her crimson red-lipped mouth exposing large canine teeth and screams, “Noooooooooo!” in a piercing squealing.

Reece explodes from the water and realises he was fully submerged and drowning. Choking and spluttering he climbs out of the bath and falls to the floor, his body red and almost burnt by the hot water. He gets up off the floor and sits on the toilet wrapped in a soft bath towel holding his head and feeling sick with the heat of the water. Hands trembling, he mutters to himself, “What the hell is wrong with me?” Reece gets up and like a dog laps at the cold water from the basin tap.


Reece’s mother and father sit opposite each other at the dining table, neatly positioned salt and pepper pots and cutlery adorn the out of date table cloth. His mother pours herself a cup of tea and clanks the teapot against the cup, the father looks up over his newspaper, “Be careful Margaret, if they get chipped they are hard to match.” Shaking his head and getting back to the story he was reading, “Sorry Brian I wasn’t concentrating, my mind was thinking about Reece in that pokey little flat all on his own, I wish he would come back home.” Brian puts the newspaper back down and sighs, “For god sake Margaret not this again, we have been through all this, it’s what he wants, he wanted independence, freedom and the lifestyle that is currently in fashion.” Margaret snaps back in a shirty instance, “His lifestyle is not in fashion he is gay; it’s just how he is.”  Margaret clears her throat and feels quite proud for sticking up for their son and his lifestyle. She shakes her permed hair and walks towards the kitchen sink and begins to wash the plates and other instruments of her cooking routine, scooping out bits of bacon and fried egg that drift in the frothy greenish water. Looking at Brian in a sideward glance she smugly says in a clear loud voice, “You know Brian I think I will go on one of those gay marches to support our son what do you think?” smirking to see his response she looks at Brian while she is leaning on the sink, “Don’t be ridiculous Margaret,” he snaps back then adds laughing, “I would be chatted up by all the fellas there.” Both Margaret and Brian laugh at their middle-class humour and carry on with their content little morning routine. Margaret starts to dry the plates and put them in the relevant areas dotted around the kitchen, “I wish he would find someone special and settle down, Reece is so handsome, what about that Queer lad that works at the supermarket he might like him?” Brian can’t believe what his wife is now planning and picks up his half full tea cup, “Margaret don’t start getting involved in things you Know nothing about, it will all end in tears, look how it ended up for our neighbour Jean?” Margaret tucks the tea towel into the correct drawer, “That’s not fair Brian I had no idea the milkman turned out to be a woman, anyway Jean had a lovely meal it’s just a shame it never worked out.” Brian places his hands on his ears and looks out of the window over to the neighbour’s house “Bloody hell Margaret you set the poor woman up with a butch lesbian, she was never the same since and moved out.” Brian leaves the room as Margaret picks up the salt and pepper pots, wiping them with a cloth she looks thoughtfully out of the window and talks to herself, “Well it might have gone better if Jean wasn’t so prude, I thought she looked quite handsome.” Margaret sniffs in an I know best fashion and reaches up to put the pots away.


Reece starting to feeling much better and not so light headed goes into the bedroom and looks at what to wear, he pulls out a light blue t-shirt from the hanger, he flips it on quickly above his head and slowly smooth’s it down over his defined chest and flat stomach. Bending down he trowels through his underwear, deciding what to wear and not using his best sexy underwear, he keeps that for a special night. Reece decides on a classic white Calvin Klein look for today and slides into them, grabbing some white sports socks he makes his way to a pile of clean washing on the sofa left by his mum. He rummages through the neatly pressed pile of clothes and spies a classic pair of 501 jeans, Reece lifts them out, but to his astonishment his mum has ironed a crease straight down the front of the legs, “For Fuck sake mum!” he shouts and flings them over to the table and explores the stack of clothes, Reece snatches at a black pair of tight jeans and pours himself in them, checking his arse out in the mirror he pulls the underwear up higher and the jeans lower, so that the band of his underwear shows and exposes the top of his behind and acts as an advertisement to any hot looking guy that might by chance give him a glance. Happy with how he looks he goes into the bathroom and sprays himself in some aftershave and checks his face in the mirror, he pouts and preens and licks his lips as if he is in the middle of a prime time photo shoot. Grabbing his keys, loose change and mobile phone he picks up his denim jacket and puts on some trainers and leaves the flat. Running down the steps, he remembers he has not put his watch on but after a split second does not worry as he can use his mobile phone and heads off towards the bustling town centre.

Not having a job Reece is on a constant search and not just with the battle of finding a decent job but battles with the boredom and something to do. He walks past a coffee shop and contemplates that it would be quite cool to work in and a great place to meet like-minded guys, he checks if he has enough money to get a drink and enters the shop. It’s very empty and goes to the counter to place his order. A charming girl called Lilly greets him, “Hi again same as usual?” Reece pleased that he was known for what he orders gives a cheerful beaming smile, “Yes please.” He waits for the total to come up and checks and counts his money, frustrated he is a bit short he fumbles in his pockets, he starts to look embarrassed. Lilly smiles, “Don’t worry,” and takes the extra money out of the tip jar and slings it in the till, “Wow thanks that’s really nice of you.” Lilly looks over to him and smiles, “No problem, you’re in here enough, so go and sit down I will bring it over to you.” Smiling Reece grabs some sugar tubes and a newspaper then finds a corner out of the way and sits down. Lilly brings over his large Americano and puts it down to the side of him, “Here you go,” and on a plate is a large muffin, “Don’t tell the boss he will go mad, have it on me.” Reece sits up straight, “Jesus thanks, didn’t expect that.” Lilly feeling content with herself and that she has made someone else happy goes back to the counter and wipes up some spilt coffee, and looks over to see Reece stirring his coffee, realising she has started getting a crush on him. Deep down she knows he is gay, as she has seen the way he looks up when other decent looking guys walk in. Lilly looks over to another member of the coffee crew, “Just my luck all the ones I like are gay!” The other assistant smirks and looks at Reece and then back at Lilly, “He is lovely looking Lilly and quite sweet, reminds me of my Dave when we first met.” Lilly smiles at the other assistant thinking about when she first met her boyfriend Dave in here a few years ago, “Yes I remember that, it’s been a few years you two been together now”. Chloe looks out of the window then looks back over to Lilly, “Yes to many years, he is such a fucking pig now and wish I never met him,” both girls giggle and get on with their mundane routines.

Reece sips at his coffee and picks at chunks of the moist Blueberry muffin, enjoying the sweet taste he looks around the coffee shop to see if any more customers have arrived. It remained relatively quiet so he carried on reading the newspaper and sipping at the hot coffee, hoping and wishing he could make it last the whole day. Thinking about jobs, he wonders if he should ask the coffee girl if she knows of any, he makes plans that when he has finished he will ask her before he goes. Finishing the newspaper Reece sits and stares at the other customer’s, all appearing so busy with their existence, some rushing in for a coffee to take out, some hurrying in loading kids in and out of pushchairs, flapping around the demanding offspring, wiping faces and clearing away soggy wet crumbs and tears. He gives a huge silent sigh as he wonders why his life is so dull, boring and seeming so pointless, why he hasn’t met the right guy? Why has he no job? Why he lives from hand out to hand out and never seems to get anywhere. Reece starts to feel quite low and depressed and again the feeling of being cheated out of life hits him.

Coffee is almost gone and the delicious muffin now reduced to a pile of crumbs. The plate once full, a plate of promise is now empty and barren just the same as how Reece feels. He decides to get up and really should go out and proactively find a job or, at least, search, it would shut his dad up and at least he could explain what he has done with the day. The shop is quite busy now so Reece leans over to where Lilly is serving, “Hey can I ask you something?” Her eyes expand and the other assistant stares over, “Yes sure what is it?” Deep down she is hoping he is going to ask her for her phone number but in reality, she knows that won’t be the question. She leans right over to where Reece is and can smell his stimulating aftershave and coffee on his breath. While Reece is talking she looks at his beautiful full lips and imagines kissing them, “Sorry I didn’t hear what you said?” She asks. Reece smiles and leans further over and talks louder, “Have you got any jobs going in here?” Lilly looks into his captivating deep blue eyes, “Oh I see,” She replies getting the answer to her question, but still somewhat disappointed, “You need to speak to the manager,” Reece looks around, “Are they here?” he asks and starting to feel nervous. Lilly looks up at him and his perfectly styled mousey blonde hair, eyebrows and white perfect teeth, “No they will be back tonight, just before we close at nine.” Nodding his head Reece leans back over, “Ok I will be back later, thank you and put in a good word for me,” he gives her a nervous laugh and smiles. Lilly giggles, “Ok I will try, don’t worry about buying a coffee I will put one in the wood for you.” Reece gives her a big flirty smile and an excited kiss on the cheek, he grabs his jacket off the chair and leaves the shop, as he goes he looks back and gives Lilly a cute wave as he opens the door for another customer escorting a tribe of pushchairs and screaming kids.

Chloe the other member of the coffee crew walks over to Lilly who is busy making another latte, and still gazing where Reece had been sitting, her mind in another time and place and in a world of love and bells ringing. “What was that about?” she asks in a tarty you want to share the news manner, “Oh it was nothing, he wants to know if there are any jobs going, I said I would put in a good word for him.” Chloe giving Lilly a smirk and putting her hand on Lilly’s stomach, “I bet you want him to put something good in you,” Laughing Chloe gyrates her waist and thrusts herself against the counter. Lilly looks over at the girl and shouts over, “Slut!” and laughs shaking her head and taps the coffee filter into the bin. Lilly walks over to the table and picks up his used coffee cup and empty plate, she brushes the crumbs off the chair and pushes her hand feeling the warmth of where he was sitting. She takes the dirty cup and plate to the dishwasher and switches it on, Chloe shouts over, “Oh my god read this text from Dave.” Lilly rushes over to where Chloe is standing, “What is it, the Pratt left you at last?” Chloe puts her head to one side, “No Bitch, let me read it to you.” The girls get close together as she reads the text out aloud, “Hi babe did you know five blokes got the shit ripped out of them last night, they think it was a rabid dog that’s got out and gone mad.” Chloe looks at Lilly, “Shit it happened down the road not far from here.” The girls shake their heads in disbelief and serve the next customers. Chloe calls out to Lilly while she is serving, “Think I will get Dave to pick me up tonight, do you want a lift home?” Lilly thinks about it, “Yes might be a good idea if that’s ok, thanks, Chloe.” The girls work away, both thinking about the attack and what could have done it.

Reece looks around a few shops, but having no money is pretty pointless and decides he might go and have a look at what is going on where he was chased, and see if he can make any sense of what happened. He turns down towards the alley and can see the crime scene tape up and a couple of police cars, he makes a change of route and climbs over the wall where he was hiding. He can see the rubbish still lying there, Reece jumps up onto the wall and sits down taking in the sights and going over the night before. He knows why the thugs were chasing him that was easy.

Last night he went for a drink on his own at a seedy local gay nightclub, hoping he would find Mr Right but the venue was full of Mr Wrongs so he had decided to go home, as he was going he spotted a nice looking lad standing by a wall and gave him a glancing look, what Reece never realised that the lad was waiting for his mates who were leaving another rough disreputable straight nightclub. The drunk and stoned thugs had been shouting out as Reece made his way home, “You faggot, you like our mate you filthy queer!” The big mistake Reece had made was shouting back to them, “Fuck off you pricks,” not realising there was so many of them and they started to give chase. The more Reece thinks about it, he had been very lucky he had managed to lose them, but what the hell ripped these boys apart and how come it never attacked him. Reece jumped off the wall and tried to get as near as he could to the crime scene. He walked further down the alley and got to the lamppost where he saw the leader get dragged off. Reece shuddered as he remembered the look in the petrified boy’s eyes. As Reece turned around to head back towards his flat he remembered the houses at night and how cold and empty they looked, but then he remembered the strange thud he had heard, was he being followed? and what had made that noise as it had come from quite high up almost from the rooftops. He could find no answers here so decided to leave it and head off back home and perhaps get some food and change into a nice shirt to wear when he turns up at the coffee shop.

Reece returned home and throws his jacket on the sofa, a few letters have come for him and all look like the usual rubbish, offers of credit cards and a birthday card from an ex-boyfriend, which is two months too early. He opens it and smirks as he reads it. Nothing in there apart from the usual sorry it never worked out and if only things were different, “Yes right like not being married and having two kids, what a prick.” Reece tears it up and throws it in the bin. As Reece goes towards the bathroom he spots a plain envelope lying next to the wall by the front door, it must have flicked up when he opened the door. Reece picked it up and takes it to the bathroom and flings it in the sink while he unfastens his buttons and has a pee, while he is in full flow he looks at the envelope and notices there is no stamp or postmark, so he finishes off and grabs the envelope putting it in his back pocket. Resting back on the sofa Reece kicks his trainers off and switches the TV on, lying there with his feet up he flicks through the rubbish on the TV and leaves a music channel on. A song he likes is playing so he turns up the volume, Adel’s new song Rumour has it, remembering that he is lying on the strange note, he reaches under his back to retrieve it. It’s just a plain envelope with some beautiful handwriting that just reads his name, giving a confused look he opens it up, it contains just a single piece of paper, on the reverse it has the same writing so he reads it out aloud ‘Reece I need to meet you soon you are beautiful, you are everything I have always desired, please forgive my mystery yours always Pascal.’ Looking even more confused Reece asks himself, “Who the hell is Pascal?” Reece sits looking at the strange note for a while and is almost mesmerised by the writing. He holds the note close and smells the ink, it almost has a sweet perfumed intoxicating smell and a smell he seems to adore. Thinking about the note and popping out later Reece has a short sleep and falls into a deep sleep sprawled out on the sofa.

Waking up with a start he looks and the time on the television and shouts, “Shit!” and remembers he said he would phone his dad. Jumping up and heading to the phone he dials his dad’s number, waiting for his dad to answer and hoping his mum doesn’t, as he hasn’t got time to get into a conversation with her, he looks at the note again and keeps thinking who sent it. “Hello,” great it’s his dad so hurriedly he answers quickly, “Dad it’s only me, you alright?” his dad clears his throat “Hi son you ok? What about that trouble last night eh?” Not asking a question as it’s more of a statement Reece answers, “Yes dad it sounds like a lot went on, probably what mum said and some druggies having a scrap,” still looking at the note, his dad rambles on about the perils of not working and not going out to look for a job. After letting his dad finish, he jumps into the conversation, “Oh dad I forgot to say, I am going out for a chat about a job later at the local coffee shop in town,” waiting for a response from his dad, his dad gives him a much thought about answer, “Well it’s a start son, and it will get you in the working environment. Make sure you keep us posted and if you need any more cash don’t be scared to ask, okay?” Reece surprised by his dad’s positive answer excitedly answers, “Yes dad I will and thanks for the offer, I am okay at the moment.” Reece says his goodbyes and runs into the bedroom to get changed and look smart for the chat with the coffee shop manager.

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