Heaven Fighter Angelon Chapter 2



Rohan and James are saved by mysterious kid, but soon saves him. They also find out about their newfound powers and the mission they were chosen for.

Chapter 2


SLASH! Rohan opened his eyes and saw the mole creature lie lifeless on the ground. His eyes then gazed upon the figure standing before him.

It appeared to be a small boy half the size of Rohan. He had short curly blond hair, blue eyes, and peach skin. He wore a white toga that stopped below his knees, brown sandals, and a gold bracelet on his left wrist. To Rohan’s surprise, the small boy wielded a large double-sided axe.

“Get out of here!” the boy exclaimed with his eyes focused on the remaining two mole creatures.

“Whatever you say,” Rohan replied.

Rohan grabbed James and ran in the opposite direction. They ran until their legs felt numb. They stopped and leaned against a wall, struggling to catch their breath.

“Who…what…?” James tried to say with each breath.

“Don’t know…” Rohan replied back, clenching his chest.

“You think the kid is all right?”

“Don’t know. But did you see that axe?”

“Yeah, that was insane. He reminds me of an Anime character.”

Suddenly, they heard a yelp. Without thinking, they ran towards it. They stopped and saw the small boy clench his left arm. His axe was near him, but the mole creatures were closer.

“Leave him alone!” James exclaimed and then cowered behind Rohan.

“Dude, stop doing that!” replied Rohan angrily.

The mole creatures growled and slowly approached them. Rohan wasn’t sure what to do. His mind became blank as he stared at the mole creatures. All he felt like doing was protecting James and the boy. If God was listening, this was His time to respond. Suddenly, Rohan’s chest began to burn. The mole creatures stopped and then slowly back away. Rohan could feel a power beginning to erupt from inside him. Without thinking, Rohan raised his right arm. Instantly, flames shot out from his hand and began to burn the mole creatures. The mole creatures cried in pain as the flames grew hotter. Soon, they were nothing more than ashes. Smoke rose from Rohan’s hand as he continued to stare at the ashes.

“Dude, what did you do?” James asked nervously.

“I…don’t…know…” Rohan replied, staring at his hand, “but I have way more respect for Fire Mario.”

“Thanks for saving me,” said the small boy, approaching them. “My name is Mihr. I was sent by the Almighty to retrieve you two.”

“By Almighty, you don’t mean…?” Rohan asked.

“Yes, God the Almighty,” Mihr answered with a smile.

“Why us?” asked James. “We’re just college kids. I was heading to class, which is probably over now.”

“You know you didn’t want to go,” Rohan replied, nudging him.

“Look, I didn’t choose you, God did,” Mihr said with a sigh. “I was told to gather the warriors who bear the crest of God. Both of you have that mark, so you’re coming with me.”

Suddenly, the strange man’s voice played back in Rohan’s head.

So, that’s what he meant…

“Wait, are we going to Heaven to meet God?” James asked.

“No, you simpleton,” Mihr replied angrily. “No mortal can just see God. You’ll explode if you gaze upon the Almighty. And only spirits can enter Heaven.”

“So, where are we going?” Rohan asked.

“To a secret location far from here,” Mihr answered. “Quickly, grab my hand.”

Rohan and James hesitated. All of what happened still hadn’t sunk in yet and they were already being thrown into something else.

“Uh, sorry,” Rohan said grabbing James’ hand, “I was taught never to grab stranger’s hands.”

Rohan and James ran. Mihr followed, but suddenly stopped.

“Yes, my Lord,” Mihr said and then disappeared.



Rohan and James caught their breaths as they went inside Library North. Students bustled through the large building like ants in a colony.

“Dude, is this really the time to head to class?” James asked. “I think we deserve to chill back at the dorms for a bit.”

“Maybe your right,” Rohan replied.

Rohan wasn’t sure what to do. After all, he just experienced something that is normally found in movies or Anime. Rohan continued to stare at his hand as his mind wandered.

What am I? Is what Mihr said true? Does this new power really connect with the mark on my chest?

“Rohan,” James asked, “you okay?”

Rohan snapped back to reality. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“We should head back to the dorms and figure this out,” James replied.

“Let’s go,” Rohan said with a smile.

As they headed towards the door, they both felt a strong sensation in their chests. They looked around, but saw no one suspicious. Confused and worried, they slowly headed towards the door, trying not to raise suspicion.



They arrived at their dorm around one that afternoon. They both sat down on the hard-looking couch and stared at the ceiling.

All the dorms here at Georgia State were modeled to look like mini apartments. Each dorm-apartment was fully furnished and was totally electric. And the best part, water was included in the rent.

“Okay, Rohan, so what have we learned so far?” James asked, still staring at the ceiling.

“First, we both have a strange mark on our chests that is a symbol of God,” Rohan answered. “Second, a weird boy named Mihr said we are chosen warriors of God. And third, mole creatures attacked us and I stopped them by shooting fire from my hands.”

“Yeah, that sums it up. But what I wanna know is why you got fire powers? Does each of the warriors have a different power? If that’s the case, I wonder what mine would be.”

“Then why don’t you try to figure out what it is,” Rohan said, glaring back.

“Fine, I will.”

James looked around the living room and kitchen area to find a suitable test subject. He stared at small plant on the countertop and grinned. James raised his right arm towards the plant and placed his two left fingers on his left temple.

“Don’t pop a blood vessel,” Rohan said with a chuckle.

“Hey, I’m trying to concentrate,” James replied angrily.

Rohan watched as James continued to hold that pose for almost ten minutes. Rohan sighed and got up from his seat. As he headed towards his room, he looked out the window. His eyes widened.

“Uh, James…” Rohan began to say.

“What?” James asked, still focusing on the plant.

“I think I know what kind of power you have.”

James stopped and turned around. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. While James focused on the plant on the countertop, a nearby tree had suddenly appeared right in front of their window. James looked out the window and could see the tree’s trail as the roots sprouted out of the ground and carried the tree towards their window.

“So…I’m a tree lover…?” James asked slowly.

“More like you can control wood,” Rohan answered. “Think of the Chinese Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, and Wood. Maybe the five warriors each possess a different element.”

“You could be right. But why’d I get stuck with wood? Yours is way cooler than mine.”

Rohan sighed. “Whatever. At least you know what your power is. So I expect to have backup from you if we run into those mole guys again.”

“What am I supposed to do, tree hug ‘em to death?” James asked sarcastically.

“You figure that one out,” Rohan answered, rolling his eyes.



Later that night, Rohan tossed and turned in his bed. Beads of sweat ran down his face as the dream grew more intense. He quickly sat up, clenching his chest. He looked down and saw the small stencil-shaped mark of a cross with a wing glowing.

“What’s going on?” Rohan whispered to himself. “And who was that voice in my dream?”

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