Aftermath. Chapter eleven...



I was terrified...

Chapter eleven...1987...

  I was terrified.

"Wot the hell is that flashing?" It was a rude awakening from being in a deep sleep to be woken by flashing lights in the bedroom.

  My first thoughts as usual were. "It's ere. It's followed me." I was terrified. Dark thoughts were never far away.

  Dan was on guard, leaving me alone with the kids. I didn't have a clue what was brewing up outside. The noise was deafening.

  Screams coming from the kid's rooms had me terrified as I hurried, stumbling and feeling my way across the landing. It was a total blackout. Blindly, I gathered them in my arms and bundled them in bed with me. All I could do was hold them tight and reassure them that they were safe with Mummy. I was helpless: the power lines were down and the wind had the windows rattling. I couldn't make an outgoing call or receive an incoming call. Everywhere was in darkness apart from blue flashes of electricity, as the power cables came down: trees were being ripped up by their roots in the midst of the storm's trail of violence. A hurricane that the weather station had been warned about did its worst... A weather report assuring us that the reports of a hurricane were nonsense. I had never witnessed the sheer force of Mother Nature: winds that were strong enough to uproot mature trees, which tippled over like a deck of cards.

  1987 would leave its mark, with the ferry disaster and the storms that hit the southern parts of England.

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