Aftermath. Unpublished.



A real haunting.

Aftermath, my true story.

  "What is it with me, why do I attract all this darkness?" I murmured, as I lay helpless on the sofa. It wasn't long before the tears began to flow. I had gone into a deep depression, and worse still my nights were troubled all over again. I felt the very bones of the house closing in on me.

It had only been a number of days of moving in, tension between my husband and I escalated. I felt us drifting apart.

"Oh dear God what have I done?" I closed my eyes weary from the visions I had from the past coming back into our lives. "I can't do this anymore." I spoke pitifully. Drifting off I heard the distant echo's of the woman I had heard calling for me within the deep dense woods. In an instant I woke in a panic, relieved, it was only a dream. But why now after all these years?

"You're not coming back in, I won't let you." I challenged it. Without hesitation I got up from where I lay and headed for the attic. That was where I was sure I would find my demons, in the core of its apex. 

  But something had come between our marriage something dark and sinister.The slamming of the doors...the experience in the attic did make us flee from the house that I had loved so much as a child. I wondered if there was any connection between the old farm-house and the house on the hill. If there were tunnels beneath the farm-house leading in different directions: what else did it harbour beneath...?

  However the damage was done. We had to let go. Moving to a different house didn't bring us the closeness we both needed. Instead  we drifted further apart. We had become strangers. We couldn't see the dark cloud engulfing us. A dark cloud  that would burst open forcing us into submission defeated by the demons that has always been a part of my life.

  In my deepest darkest hours a ray of light re-entered my world, the only thing that could make me whole again.

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