False marketing and institutionalized perversity



Why do some men think that they can exploit boys and girls sexually — and why does it seem they get away with it?

Some years ago I happened to spend some time in Bangkok on a business trip. It was quite hot and humid, and for a man almost living on the North Pole it was terrible. Luckily I found a bar close to the hotel where they served beer in big glasses — as we call it up here — or pitchers (as they call it over there in the US). I love big beer and for some minutes I was happy, until I faced something I do not like at all; pestering women.

One of them asked me every three minutes "do you want a massage, Sir?", and each time I politely told her no. After an hour with such a ping-pong-conversation, which had seriously interrupted my beer drinking, I got tired and gave up.

"OK, I want a massage." I answered. She smiled and grabbed my hand.

"Let's go to my hotel." She said. I looked down at her — she was definitely not more than one and a half meters tall, thin and looked like a child. I wondered if she had strong hands.

"No fucking way, I want it right here in the bar" I replied, and I could see she got nervous.. I told her to sit down in a free chair at my table.  She seemed reluctantly, but sat down and leaned towards me.

“No Sir, not here", she whispered to me, but I was already quite motivated for the massage. I opened the lazes of my left shoe, took off my sock and put one sweaty and stinking foot onto her lap. I could see that she wrinkled her nose, as if she was disgusted, despite the fact that we were in a country where they eat insects, and where it smells pretty much crap everywhere.

"Now, go ahead and give me a massage me while in finish my beer," I commanded her and took a big gulp. It took certainly not more than three seconds before she was gone from the table, and she never came back. I planted the bare foot in her empty chair and drank on. Every single time a new girl arrived and offered me massage, I offered them my bad smelling foot. All of them showed me they were not really interested in giving me a massage, and that it was all false marketing. But left alone with more big glasses, I was happy for the taste of beer and for the silence.

The calm life around my table gave me an opportunity I am not sure I liked, because I was free to observe quite an ugly phenomenon; young beautiful girls cuddling with ugly, old and fat white men. It was sickening, and the only things they had in common, was that ten years ago they got a new set of teeth. After two or more of those glasses I put my sock and shoe on again, and headed back to the hotel.

Unfortunately it wasn’t only at that bar this ugly phenomenon appeared, but also at the hotel where I lived. One morning I came into the elevator in the eighteenth floor to go down for breakfast I met an old German bastard, hand in hand with a girl who may have been barely thirteen years old. It was a disgusting sight, and the worst part was that the man not ashamed at all. He stood there as if it was the most normal thing, and I felt sick. The elevator went fast, but my mind went faster and on the short trip down I thought several times that what I should do was to stop the elevator between two floors, move over to the German and knock him right out of the eternal hunting grounds. Still I kind a hate myself for not having done that, at least I should have given him some teeth to chew on.

Some days ago I read in a paper that there is a lot of old Norwegian men who "import" Asian boys and girls on tourist visa, and keep them as sex-slaves until the visa expire. Then they send them home, and wait for their next imports to arrive. If this is as usual as the paper suggested, we are living in a society where perversity seems almost institutionalized — as if it’s accepted. This scares me, as I see this kind of perversity as one of the real black spots in a man’s mind.

I have decided that next time I see one of those perversity in front of my eyes; I will really consider becoming violent. At least I will tell them straight to their face that I am disgusted by their behavior, and that I want to smack their fucking face and hope they get so angry with me that they get physical. Then they will see that I, unlike those “massage” girls in Bangkok, do not practice false marketing.

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