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On Earth-2 a new age of heroes brings about new problems and challenges that cannot all be conquered by a single hero. It will take a Justice Society of heroes working together to handle the largest of threats, and there is a war on the horizon that is destined to engulf the world.


                                                                         Justice Society: Four Seasons


     A Time of Heroes has returned to the world once more.  An alien who has embraced his new home destined to become its greatest Superman, A Bat from a corrupt city, A Warrior from an ancient Amazonian Island, The son of a explorer chosen by Poseidon, A Flash of speed to rival Mercury,  A Green Lantern to remove darkness, Proof that power comes in small packages,  A Hawk warrior from lost times, A man who's strength ebbs and flows by the hour,  The master of Dreams,  The Doctor of fates, and A Spectre of Judgement are destined to join together to create a new Society in these times, a Justice Society.  For some the path to this new Society is straight forward, for others the road is winding.  For An Amazon Princess and a Chosen of Poseidon the path back to this new world leads through Hades realm.  Life on the Amazon Island will never be the same.

                                                                                        Vol 1 Autumn

Prologue https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/40936

Chapter 1 https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/41113

Chapter 2 https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/41481

Chapter 3 https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/41874

Chapter 4 https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/43093

Chapter 5 https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/43403

Chapter 6 https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/43953

Chapter 7 https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/44836

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