Playtime is Attention Time



A fun blog of 'soft' philosophy about the life and times of a Westiepoo called Chester. Written as a prelude to a more serious novel raising the question: Who is the most bankrupt: the banker who won't whistle-blow or the chef who loses her livelihood?

Playing rotation, clenched teeth, hanging on to a soft toy or a piece of rope being pushed and pulled by the force of Mr. A's forearms is my idea of Friday night fun. When the lights are low, the TV on and Mr. A & Mrs. B sit restfully after another busy week of writing, teaching and looking after Miss T, Master R, and Master J, there's nothing better to improve my overall comportment than a good scruff of a toy.

As a member of the dog community, I am proud of my emphasis on play. I have long understood that playing with other dogs and people enhances my quality of life. It might not be a proper topic of serious inquiry for most of you over anxious humans, but canine studies, prove that there are practical applications for those of us who both love playing with our owners and their friends and place a high value on play. Playtime is a serious business where my attachment to the game isn't on winning and retaining possession of the toy but my willingness to remain attentive and engage you.

It starts off like this: I go and fetch a soft toy and lay it carefully on the carpet next to Mr. A. At first, he is cautious not to engage quickly (he doesn't want to show that manhood takes to play as seriously as they should), and then he suddenly grabs it. I bite, I growl: he tugs, and I tug back. A battle for dominance of the toy commences! He has me running around like a roulette wheel. I don't care; I hold on. He buries the toy under my belly, I follow his lead, rolling over in the process. Then he 'wins', and hides the toy behind his back. My eyes follow in total devotion to the game. He throws it away, and I fetch back for the next round of snatch and stretch. And so the game continues until boredom sets in.

There has long been ample evidence that associates playful behaviour with healthy relationships. It is particularly the case of dogs and their masters. Owners who are the most playful with their dogs enjoy the best relationships with them. Giving us love and emotional connection is a vital part of the miraculous phenomenon of us dogs and you people joyfully sharing lives together.

Now where is my toy ... I feel a tug of the heart for playfulness.

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