Borrow a Beast



light farm story with a bit more than Bulls

Borrow a Beast


The true depth of a tree’s roots is only visible when the tree is up rooted, sometimes we may never know how big an impact we make on other people’s lives until it’s too late.

Let’s take Blondie Dread a farmer who was approached by his neighbour Ginger.

‘’Blondie Dread good to see that your crop is ready for the market ‘’

He was looking at the crop his neighbour had just finished piling up in the fields. A cheeky smile is all he received in response so Ginger went on

‘’I was wondering if your harvester is available since you already done with your crops?’’

Stroking down his dread locks Blondie turned to Ginger

‘’Well your timing is very bad my dear neighbour, the harvester is locked up in the barn a mechanic from the city should be here any day to look at that old beast.’’ He gave Ginger a gentle pat on the back as he sent him away.

Now after a week of asking around there was no change of luck for the poor farmer, the machines in the village were all busy as the harvest season was drawing to an end. He decided to go back and check on Blondie Dread’s machine.

‘’ I hope my timing is better today lm really cutting it close with just  a week of harvesting left, have the city boys fixed your beast yet? ’’ The way he spoke was so faint you would be forgiven to think he was breathing his last.

‘’I have been very busy with selling the crop l will fix the machine after the winter, tough luck old friend. ’’

That was the last time Ginger stepped foot on Blondie’s farm, the winter swallowed up all of his crops.  It was a very harsh winter for him as he had to spend the winter working on snow ploughs up and down the highway. Buying a harvester was the only thing on his mind every morning as he kicked through the white powder. He always reminded himself that nothing is new under the sun no matter how difficult it may seem someone has been through whatever you going through.

 As seasons came and went it was harvest time yet again Blondie Dread had just started harvesting when his beast broke down. He could not afford the mechanic so he went to see his desperate neighbour Ginger.    

‘’My old friend looks like we might be able to share the harvester this year, all you have to do is to pay those city boys to come and fix the old beast.’’ he finished that sentence with a huge confident smile which could win any Halloween contest .

‘’ Thank you for the offer but no thanks, l am bringing a new beast to these fields.’’

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