72˚ An Short Erotic Novel Chapters 1 and 2



Perverse animalistic lust, a seething romance and a passion that will melt the fringes of time. They meet at a masquerade deep in the heart of London and are quickly drawn to the depths of sadistic and masochistic love.

                                                                             ONE: For What Its Worth 
With each vial and crude act, I feel myself becoming colder; less human. My heart, which is kept in a small cedar box with gold trim grows more and more decayed with each passing day. If I still possessed a heart or soul for matter, perhaps I would feel, well, the smallest twinge of guilt for my actions. Sadly, at the moment, I'm void of any empathy or guilt. My lips against another woman's. My tongue down the throat of a strange man. It's more than just sexual pleasure. Pleasures of the flesh are only a part of it for me. I feel it to be a connecting of something deep within me, something almost spiritual in nature. Its a carnal urge that I long to satisfy as well. It's a deep hunger, something that calls from deep within. I need to feel flesh. I need to taste blood. And if the cost is an exchange of some bodily fluids, who am I to say no? When I first saw him, I was mesmerized by his beauty, The almond color of his eyes, the delicate shape and the iron black lashes that framed them. It nearly tore the breath from my chest and in that moment, I knew that I had to have him. I needed to taste that beauty. I needed to possess it. Greed, lust and desire overtook me like never before. I was like a carnivorous animal that had just been set free. I knew that I had to make my move now or loose him forever.

                                                                       TWO: Because I Want You 
I slithered across the room, my face hidden beneath a colorful mask. My true face was hidden too, of course, that is neither here nor there. He caught my eye and his cheeks glowed like that of the rural sunset that incases my home in the late fall. Beneath his own costume, I could hear his heart fluttering, the blood pumping through his veins. It was arousal in its most basic sense. My own heart began to do cartwheels within my chest. It was a mixture of anxiousness and desire. It took every ounce of my self control not to lick my teeth as hungry wolves do. "Hello." His speech was accented in the most wondrous way and his voice was higher than I expected. His smile was inhumanly white, despite the cigarette that was between his fingers. "Would you care for one?" He took a drag and offered me his cigarette. The smoke curled around his face, giving him a saintlike appearance. "Yes." My own voice was tight within my throat. I was trying my headrest not to let on how badly I wanted to ravage him. I took a drag, tasting him for the first time. It was sweet, musky and erotic. I could taste his hormones and feel them sinking into my mouth, only stirring my own further. I exhaled, feeling as if I were a new born babe, taking a breath for the first time. He looked at me and I handed him his cigarette back to him, wanting to feel his skin against mine again. He took a long drag and exhaled so slowly, it was as if he were frozen. "You taste delicious. I'd like to taste more of you." He whispered to me. I moved closer to him and licked his cheek. "You do as well. Take me now." Within moments, we were together in a candle lit room, the eyes of the portraits on the walls followed our every moment. It was so quick and swift, that it appeared as if we were in the ballet; each move choreographed with the utmost precision. He slammed me as hard as he could into the mahogany that accented the wall. I thought my ribs would crack if he did it again, but still I wanted more. Pleasure and pain.
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