A regular doctor appointment turns into a thorough exam...


I scan my daily calendar before getting into the shower. Today is going to be a long one. I have appointments scheduled all day. I see the first one at 9:30, I better get dressed. I flip over a page and notice something circled in red. A doctor’s appointment at 4:45 with sexy Dr. Paul Donaldson. Now that’s the way to end a hectic work day.


The pace of the day flew by at a manic clip. The traffic is moderate for late afternoon. I pull into the towering twenty story health complex and find my way to Dr. Donaldson’s office on the 7th floor.


I push through the double glass doors and see a lovely blonde woman with perfectly done nails sitting behind the glass wall. I sign in and the receptionist asks my name. “Rebecca Carson, my appointment is 4:45.”


The receptionist checks my name off. “Yes Ms. Carson, you are our last patient of the day. If you’ll take a seat the nurse will call you back.”


I deplore waiting rooms. They are austere and filled with mutilated ancient magazines. Usually filled with coughing or gagging sick people. I am not germa-phob but really? Who sat in this chair last? What were they here for? Glad I am the last appointment of the day and I brought my kindle along.


My wait was minimal. The door swings open and a sweet petite young girl in maroon scrubs calls my name. “Guess you are Rebecca Carson.” She laughs. “You are the only one waiting. Come on back and let’s get your vitals.”


I follow her back to be weighed and of course my blood pressure taken. The nurse purses her lips. “Your pressure is a little high. Dr. Donaldson will probably want to check it again.”


I chuckle at her. “My pressure always runs high when I am here to see the doctor.” Did I mention he is sexy with brown hair to run your fingers through and dark chocolate drops for eyes. He is tall but not too tall, with long probing fingers. He has a soft touch and a panty dropping smile. I do love to flirt with him.


The petite nurse leads me over to examining room 1. She flips open her laptop and starts firing questions at me. “Why are you here to see the doctor today?”


I take a seat on the examining table. “Really, just a check-up.” I shrug my shoulders. We will leave it up to the doctor how much checking he wants to do.


The nurse persisted. “So no problems. Ok. How about refills?” She is hammering away at the keys on her laptop.


I shake my head. “Nope all good.”   


She gathers her stuff up and puts my chart in the door. “He will be right with you.” She pulls the door closed and leaves me alone with my thoughts.


I ponder some more on the dashing handsome Dr. Donaldson. His broad shoulders and strong arms visible for anyone to see. I wonder is he as sinewy beneath his clothes. I am guessing he has gorgeous pecs and six pack abs to go with the rest of his physique.


A light tap on the door and the knob turns. Dr. Donaldson step in. “Hello Rebecca. How are you feeling?” He extends his big hand with a warm palm and squeezes mine gently in greeting. I could just melt inside his paw of a hand wanting those fingers probing me.  My skin feels warm and flushed. I hope he doesn’t notice. Who am I kidding? He’s a doctor he gets paid to notice. 


“I am doing well doctor thanks for asking.” My smile hits his eyes and I can see him mellow. Here I sit perched on top of a table some three feet off the floor. My hair loose and flowing down my back. My eyes sparkle with the lustful images that have been arousing my mind.


“I noticed your BP is a little high. You also seem a little flushed. Are you sure you are ok?”

He takes a seat at the work table and opens his laptop.


“My pressure is always a little high when I come to see you. You always seem to warm my blood.” I laugh trying to make light of it.


He laughs too. “I am flattered you think so. But let’s take it again and see if it has gone down any.”


He places my arm against his ribs. I can feel that my assumption of pecs and abs were correct. I want to run my hand down his side and caress them myself. He slides the cuff carefully up my arm. He brushes my breast and I hiss. Chill bumps run rampant down my arms. “I’m sorry Rebecca.”


I bravely reply. “I’m not.” He gazes to see the pale green in my eyes fluoresce behind my darkened pupils.


I see him swallow and continue his test. He gingerly takes my wrist with his long fingers and counts my pulse. He isn’t going to get the result he wants. “Well ok. Let’s listen to your heart and lungs. I may want to take your pressure again before you leave.”


I shake my head and sit up straight. My blouse buttons down the front. The stethoscope is cold against my bare breast. I don’t mind because now he is close enough to smell. He is but mere inches from me. I could kiss his mouth or bite his ear or better yet lick his neck.


“Turn a little for me so I can listen to your lungs.” I dutifully obey but my leg brushes against the front of his trousers. I get a surprise. He is enjoying this as much as I am. I lift my eyebrow at him and wicked grin curls up at my lips.


I arch my back and he asks me to take a deep breath in and out, and again and again. “Lie back for me.” He takes my hand and eases me down onto my back and pulls out the extension for my feet to rest on. His fingers press my body searching for I don’t know what or care. His hands are on my body and I am holding back the moans. “OK you can sit up now.” He pulls me up only to brush across my breasts again. My nipples erect against the cotton of my top. He licks his lips and inhales sharply. He grabs my ankles to swing my feet away from the extension he pushes back into place.


Trying to break up some of the tension I ask Paul, “How is my exam going?”


Paul puts his hand on either side of me on the table. My knees slightly apart to accommodate his body between them. “It would be very unprofessional of me to tell you.” He leans in searching my face for a reaction. ”As a doctor, you are perfectly healthy except for your excitement causing your BP to rise.”


“And if you weren’t a doctor?” I am goading him into stepping away from his professional persona. As sexy as that is I want the man whose heart beats beyond that exterior. The man who has a hard on tenting his slacks in desire of me.


He toys with me by rubbing his nose against mine. His breath hot on my lips. “As a man, I want to lay you down on that table and devour every curvaceous inch of your beautiful body.”


My body quivers at his words. “What are you waiting for?  You know my body as well as I do. I know you have smelled my arousal. My nipples are aching for your kiss.”


His mouth hovers over mine and he stares once more into my eyes. His lips are firm against mine. His tongue sweeps into my mouth and takes me to the stars. He tastes like mint and coffee I could make a meal on that alone. He breaks away too soon. “Give me a few minutes to clear the office.” 


He grabs the phone and instructs the nurse and receptionist to close the office. “I have paperwork to finish and I am watching Ms. Carson for a while longer to see that her BP settles down.”  They of course both acquiesce to his demands.


The clatter of doors and keys can be heard outside the examining room. No one knew I was being kissed senseless behind door number one. Paul pulls my body into his. “My god you are intoxicating.” I can feel his erection push against me through our clothing. My own body responds with warm moisture soaking my panties.


My hands reach for the tie he is wearing. I want to get underneath his clothes.  I want his skin. “Paul I need to feel the warmth of your skin.”  He quickly loosens his tie but I brush his hands away. I want to unbutton his shirt. I want to trail open mouth kisses down his torso.

 “Let me please.” After the first few buttons my hand slides inside to feel the smooth muscles of his chest. I can hear him groan when my nails rake across his skin. I tug his shirt free from his trousers.  His hands press my shoulders to lean back.


“My beautiful Rebecca, allow me to return the favor.” His mouth sears me with kisses across my collarbone. His agile fingers release each button. His warm palm slips inside the lacy cup of my bra with an embrace. I rest my body back on my elbows. My head falls back and I succumb to his dexterity. He easily releases my bra and it falls to the side. A hot mouth sucks my hard nipple while naughty fingers pinch and stretch the other one.


My moans become deeper and my hands grip Paul’s head. I scoot my body closer to the edge of the table. My skirt rucks up around my hips. The scrap of lace for underwear is now showing. Without hesitation Paul’s hand tugs the lace between my legs. His fingers seek entrance to the wetness beneath. My hips raise and my back arches. “Oh please.” I whimper at the teasing fingers.


A mischievous grin forms on his lips. “Not yet my beauty. I want to savor you.” I hear the table make a clattering sound like metal. Dr. Naughty has pulled out the stirrups from this multi-purpose examining table. Paul gently grasps my ankles placing each one in the metal contraption. This may well be the best gynecological exam I’ve ever had.


Big hands lift my ass and pull me near the edge. I feel a shift as the table begins to rise. Warm wet kisses are licked down the inside of my thighs before his tongue settles between my legs with a suck. His teeth nibble my belly for the edge of my panties. He pulls them off with his teeth.


He has a special twinkle in his eye when he spots my well shaven lips puffy and pink glistening with dewdrops. “Oh my god that is so damn sexy. I could spend days lapping at your perfect fountain.” He dips his head in licking between my lips and groans in satisfaction.


His tongue barely grazes my swollen clit hidden beneath the hood. His tongue delves into my body.  I grind my pelvis into his face. I can feel the beginning of a five o’clock shadow on his chin. The abrasion only adds to the sensation. 


A doctor knows the body and the tell-tale signs of my impending orgasm do not go unnoticed by his skillful touch. Two of his marvelous long fingers replace his tongue. His probing fingers find my G-spot. The intense rocking and rubbing combined with my clit causes my body to writhe with passion.  I squirt and cum vigorously on his hand. “Oh yes babe. Good girl.”


The waves of orgasm bring me back to earth. I hear the ripping of a zipper. My body is still like liquid but the thought of his hard cock solidifies me quickly. I must see this gorgeous specimen of a man. I lean up on my elbows once more. “Oh doctor I approve of your instrument.” I smirk at him. A magnificent erection of at least nine inches points to me. I recognize the sweet drip as delicious precum.  A naughty finger swipes the drip and my tongue licks it away. I can hear Paul groan in response to my wanton behavior.


I drop my feet out of the stirrups hooking them on his hips urging him forward. The naughty tease rubs between my lips painting me from clit to hole with cum. He slaps his cock on my sensitive clit. A hiss of affirmation comes through my lips and he does it again. My knees begin to close the inclination too great to contain myself from yet another orgasm. This time he impales me with his length and I feel him stretch me to my limits with a squeal. He backs off, “I’m sorry beautiful.  I’ll take it slower.”


His fingers find a home in my mouth. I suck my own juices from them. He kisses my breasts toying with them until I cannot take any more. He edges more inside. This time I meet his hips with mine and he is swallowed by my lips. A total body kiss. I begin to shake and scream at the intrusion. The pain giving way to complete delight. 


My body is arched up off the table. His hands hold my hips and he pumps me into oblivion. I feel my entire body curl in upon itself. My mind loses control along with my screams. I am shattered like glass into a million shards.


In the distance, I comprehend the pummeling of my body and the pulsing cock inside me trying to break free. My vaginal hold is tight and aggressive throughout the entire orgasm. Hot bursts hit me, burning my insides. I hear him swear in his release.  A prayer to the gods of sweet elation. The collecting of pieces begins and I am coming back to my senses.


Sweat rolls down my neck and under my breasts. Paul’s lips are blazing a trail up my body to my lips. My breathing is labored and so is his. “You are sex on legs Dr. Naughty. Somehow I knew you would be.”


He separates his body from mine, takes a seat and lowers the table. “Come here my beauty it is time to clean what you have soiled.”


“With pleasure.” I get down on my knees and languish my tongue on the juices of our combined essence. The joy on his face could not match my enthusiasm. I consume every last drop in advance of sucking his length as far into my throat as I can. His hands have found purchase within the strands of my hair guiding my face onto his cock.


“Oh your gorgeous mouth is not only for superb kissing.” His hands gently release me. “I am not finished with our appointment yet. Back on the table with you, but bend over it this time.”


I stand and release my dangling clothing to the floor. I grab the pillow and bend at the waist over the exam table. “You do have a lovely ass Rebecca. Smooth and round, the perfect heart shape.”


His long fingers linger between the cheeks of my ass. He palms my sex and presses hard. A delightful surge of energy courses through my body. I push back against his hand. He stands directly behind me. He brushes the hair away from my neck. A sucking kiss is planted in the spot where my neck and shoulder meet. One of my honey spots that sets my body on fire. His hands sweep across my belly directly to the clit. He rubs those perfect circles atop the swollen nub.


 I feel his growing erection between my cheeks twitching for entrance. The more noise I make the harder he twitches. A long finger swipes the insides of my cheeks with dripping juices threatening to sluice down my thighs. He presses his finger against my hole rimming me. I strain to spread myself wider for him. “Beautiful baby, you are a vision of eroticism.”


He places his palms on my shoulders massaging and relaxing my muscles. I lay my head down and revel in the deep driving motions. Sensual strokes carry down my back and across my hips. I hear a strange sound behind me. Paul has opened a drawer and pulled out a tube, I am guessing lube. He squirts a glob in his hands and rub them together. Long strokes cover his hard cock with the goo. The remainder he smears across my asshole. My core warms from his expert touch. “I’ll go slowly my beauty. I want this to be pleasurable for both of us.”


“Yes Paul I am yours, take me.” With my declaration he slowly pushes into my hole. I freeze and lunge forward. I know I have to relax. I sigh and try again. “I’m ready.”


His touch has me enthralled by his sensitivity to my part. He relaxes pushing in and sliding out smooth strong strokes but not aggressive. I can feel the breach of muscles going deeper. I scream on the’ in’ and moan on the ‘out’ and can’t stop myself wanting more. The rhythm begins and I follow him. My fingers grip the edge of the table.  We are tuned into each other. Paul holds my hips steady. I can hear him groan in a blissful state.  He mumbles, “Oh Fuck”. That is when I know it’s good for him too. Shivers and screams overtake the small room. The rhythmic motions ramping up to a sated sensual end. The cursing becomes poetry of satisfaction when he pumps me full once again.


He falls upon my back expressing gratitude to me for a wonderful afternoon. He kisses my shoulders trailing kisses down my spine. He pulls away from me.  I instantly feel a loss not only of his heat but the connection we have shared.


“Do you have a shower in your office?” I ask hoping I can clean up some of this goo and smut from my body before I head home.


He smile at me. “As a matter of fact, I do.” He cautiously opens the door. His staff long gone and darkness has fallen. He takes my hand and leads me across to his office. He starts the water and asks me in. It’s not large but we manage.


My breasts press against his chest and he slides to the side. He grabs the soap and lathers his hands. He kisses me sweetly on the lips. Generous amounts of suds are skimmed across my shoulders. His hands massage my breasts and his mouth covers mine. Passionate tongue dancing revs up the heat once again.


I rake my nails across his abs and search for the dangling plums I relish holding so much. I grasp the base of his cock, good grief he is rock hard again. I moan into his mouth. His hands skate across my tummy to find the gooey spot that needs cleaning. He turns me under the water to rinse off. My turn to soap him up. The slick lather covers his hardness removing the lube and excess bodily fluids. His balls receive the attention they so lovingly deserve. He rinses off under the shower’s spray. We stagger from the shower our lips embrace in a hurried frenzy. Our need grows once again.


We tumble onto the couch in Paul’s office. I straddle his body and take his hardness straight away. I am speared to my belly button and the fullness is beyond description. I lean forward only to kiss his chest. I allow my hair to cascade across his torso tickling him. I raise up from his hips and slide all the way out then slowly back down. My breasts bounce when I slam into his lap. His cock disappears inside my lips gobbled up by my body with an internal embrace.  We follow this pattern for a while. His thumb finds my orgasmic button playing it adeptly. The rise and fall of my hips becomes harder until Paul sits up and reverses our positions.


Now he lords over me and the pounding becomes more aggressive. He pushes my knees up with his arms. He splits me wide open, slamming me over the edge again. My body falls away into that screaming wantonness, reserved only for sexual play.


This man is a god. He knows how to utilize his body with mine for ultimate satisfaction. When I think I have reached my limit, he finds a way to push me further. I am always rewarded with great passion.


I recognize the grunts and cursing of Paul about to orgasm. I brace myself for the searing pleasure this man imparts within me.  Instinctively, my body milks him purging the dregs of his lust.


Paul wraps his arms around me. My head lays on his chest. I register the heartbeat slowing down. It becomes a lullaby for my sleepy eyes. We cuddle on the couch. Paul strokes my hair and rubs my back. He intermittently kisses the top of my head or my cheek. I don’t want to leave, yet I know our time is over. Will we ever see each other again? Was today my last appointment?


“Rebecca?” Paul speaks barely a whisper.

I lean up looking at Paul. “Yes Dr. Naughty?” He smiles at my sarcastic reference.

“Same time next week?” His fingertips brush my arms where goosebumps have formed.

I laugh. My mouth hovers over his. “I’m sure my BP will need checking again. Same time?”

He doesn’t need to answer, the passionate kiss is all I need to schedule again.

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