Journals of a Psychopath



Poor Lady Flarice, her life is to become much worse.


She slipped into something seductive and slunk to me I gazed at her outfit she was clothed in a long robe and it was blue. Fingering the bottom of the dress, I lifted it under the garment she was togged up in stockings.
      “Surely you cannot resist me now,” Jodi said.
      “How come you know I adore women in long robes?”
      “You are similar to most men.”
I was sore and the desire to sex with her disappeared.
      “I will return one day and I you will receive what you so rightly deserve.”
The corners of her mouth turned down as she closed the door.

The Segregation Cell

Refined in the glorious décolletage and the robe fitted Lady Flarice perfectly, her bosom throbbed indignantly. Pressing her down on the bed, the pure white silk-lace undergarment gave way. Decorating her glory and Lady Flarice’s procreator fuzz was beautiful I longed to take her.
      “Shall we dance?” Smithson asked.
Prancing in front of her, the bejeweled garment assisted the mood, and the Lady Flarice was impressed attentive to our movements.
      “Join us,” I said.
She danced alongside us and she was light on her feet, Lady Flarice’s outfit was decorated with jewels, and caused the ambiance. Twirling her around and pulling Lady Flarice to me Smithson viewed.
Revolving around Smithson, I held her hands, he beheld us with interest, and he stamped his feet, I saw Lady Flarice’s exquisite curves move, as she inhaled. Out of breath she struggled to breathe, Smithson stopped trampling his feet. Letting her go and she reeled, she fell on the floor Smithson laughed. The Lady Flarice clutched her gown, strode to the chamber, we followed, and locked Lady Flarice in the cell.


Clad in winter garb, Elaina was clothed in a wool twin-set, she looked bountiful and in good health.
      “The baby is healthy. Jolenson is waiting in the fluid-filled membrane,” I said.
Elaina was proud. Pulling her jersey up and Elaina’s bosom was swollen I wanted to see more of the flawless fleshy globes. Elaina traced her finger over her lips she was tantalizing, her finger roamed to her nipple, she pleasured her body in front of me, and I was ardent.
      “I want you,” Elaina said.
Elaina’s eyes glazed, her hand gained energy and the pace of the orgasm scaled the pinnacle. Breathing in short gasps and the juice trickled, her face gained color. I touched her clitoris, the rhythmic motion, produced an eruption of satisfaction, Elaina convulsed with contractions of joy. Finalizing and she welcomed me into her body, my organ throbbed, analyzing Elaina's contorted face she was rapturous. (I saw the baby move, my daughter was straining to enter the world, when she did I would rejoice. Smithson would be her jailer, the seducer Jolenson would know agony, and live through much psychological pain.) Elaina kissed me and she cleaved into my body, I began to shrug into my clothes, the sudden movement jolted her.
      “Will it make any difference when the baby is born?” Elaina asked.
      “What do you mean?”
      “Can it change our relationship?”
      “I doubt it.”
Elaina laughed.
      “At least you are honest.”
Elaina would be shocked if she knew a smidgeon of what I was doing, she was stupid to think I was candid.


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