Journals of a Psychopath



Clarkson and Smithson the brutal and cruel ones.

The Isolation Chamber

Smithson was ready to realize the defilement of Alexia and he was a virgin, he was relieved to arrive for his initiation. Awarding him, the blade he clenched it.
      “Please?” She begged.
The Trees, the Darkest-One and the Voice were with us I sensed the chilled air, reverberation of applause from the Woodlander Warriors and the Archangel was heard. Gyrating and Smithson's robe blew the candle out, the light powered at the flick of a switch. Chanting he hammered his breast.
      “No,” Alexia screamed.
He strutted to Alexia and Smithson's organ was rampant. Toppling on the bed, he thrust his man-weapon into Alexia, Smithson’s groan was loud his spasms fluctuated with irregular passion. Plunging the knife into Alexia’s flesh repeatedly, Smithson became a man. Alexia screeched and wept, the tears made the pillow moist, the sheets steeped in the ruby-solution. Smearing the red-liquid into his torso and Smithson was exultant. Writhing in revulsion and Lady Flarice flinched. He broadened his lips Smithson’s male-weapon slipped from Alexia.
      “Now I am a true man.”
Smithson twirled around the four-poster and scrutinized, Alexia squirmed with torment. He scanned the copious blood for the longest of time. Smithson beat his breast with his fist, then, he rubbed the crimson-solution on his chest. Gaping at the gore Lady Flarice tried to vault off the bed, but she was still handcuffed to Alexia.
      “Please take the cuffs off Smithson?”
      “Father please let me remove the handcuffs?”
      “Yes you can.”
Lady Flarice rushed to the kitchen, filled a basin with hot water, she brought a towel.
The Gas Station
       “You have gone too far Rhea is devastated,” Pep said.
He swigged his whiskey.
      “Come off it you are only saying that, because you want her.”
Elaina came in and she was carrying Jolenson.
      “The newborn is beautiful,” Harry said.
He appraised the infant. Feeding from a bottle, Jolenson was hungry, and Elaina had opted for artificial milk.
       “Rheanna fed Smithson from her mammary glands,” I said.
Elaina did not take the bait.

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