Come With Me



I see the sea of people. I hear the noises that they were making, but I couldn’t find you in the massive crowd. They were all yelling, roaring of their battered emotions. It’s getting louder and the shrieks of high voices were making my e...

I see the sea of people. I hear the noises that they were making, but I couldn’t find you in the massive crowd. They were all yelling, roaring of their battered emotions. It’s getting louder and the shrieks of high voices were making my ears numb. But I was determined to find you in this crowd. I needed to take you away from this chaos. Even if that means my ears would bleed from the noise.

Just as I pushed my way through the crowded room I saw you…sitting in the middle of a grey space of nothing but people shouting and hovering over your slumped body, giving you nothing but malice words and gutting you with their voices.  Your face looked numb and sour full; there was no life in your posture; just a slumped body and blank expression.  I tried to nudge and force my way through the crowd to get to you, but everyone was stiff and powerful in their stance. My small frame couldn’t get to you but I didn’t let this stop me. I shoved my way as the voices were hammering down on you.  They were getting louder as I was coming closer to you but I was persistent on getting to you. Just as I shoved my way through the last person, the yelling of people were so deafening that I had to cover my ears.

You didn’t notice me standing right next to you.  You were looking at the ground…your eyes were cold and expressionless. It pained me to see you in such a state. I couldn’t bring myself to sit next to you…I’m afraid you might not want me near you…but the voices…the screeching voices were compressing against us now and I had no other choice but to take you with me…

“Love…we have to leave” I said crouching down next to you. My shaking hands were over your slouched arm and I needed to get you out of your trance.

“Darling please, get up! We have to leave…” I tried raising my voice so you can hear me. I yanked at your arm a bit when I saw you lift your head and looked straight at me. You looked confused and dazed. You didn’t seem to understand what was going on but the yelling was continuing to get louder.

“Please…come with me…” I begged as I grabbed your warm hand and try to lift you off out of your seat. You still looked confused and deeply tranced but you got up and started to walk with me. I pulled you into the crowd and I tried to find a path for us to leave in. For us to disappear in and we wouldn’t have to listen to these horrible screams…these brutal words that speak out against you. Just as I saw a clear path, you let go of my hand. I quickly looked back to find you being pulled away from me.

“No!” I screamed as I tried running back for you. I felt a pair of strong arms and hands pull me away. I started to scream ‘let go!’ as I kicked and screamed for these strange hands to release me.

‘You can’t take him…he’s ours’ The voices were frail and eerie as it lingered through the screams and into my ears. I watched as you were being pulled further and further away from me.  I watched as the hands and bodies surrounded you and you couldn’t break yourself free. I felt my body boiling into anger. I wasn’t going to let you go away from me. I wasn’t going to let these ill souls take you and make you submit to them. I kicked through the soulless grips. I pushed my way through the sea of the crowd. If I had to, I yanked and clawed my way to get to you again. I pushed the horrifying souls away from you. I grabbed you as tightly as I could.

“Run!” We ran as fast as we could. Hands grabbing at our faces but I fought them off…I needed to get to that open space, that clearing to help us breath.  I held you tighter than I ever thought I could. Once we broke through to the clearing and we could finally see light, I didn’t stop running with you. I wanted to make sure we didn’t hear those noises again; I wanted to make sure we couldn’t feel those eerie souls down our backs. I held your hand tightly…I needed you away from there, I needed to know those voices were away from you.

We finally slowed down. I was still holding your hand as I we were trying to catch our breaths.

“You okay darling?” I asked as we started to steadily walk through a light path, filled with blue leaves in a damp forest. You looked at me then and I could feel the coldness was still inside of you but your hand was warm and firm.

“No…” You said to me as I looked deep into your eyes.

“No I am not okay…” My heart broke at the sound of your voice and your declaration. I stopped us from walking and I had to keep you still to make you feel what I was feeling. I needed you to look into my eyes and nowhere else.

“Sweetheart…” I said lightly as we stood facing each other. Your eyes was burying into mine.

“I can help you…just come with me and I can help ease this pain…” Just in that moment as I looked into your eyes I knew that somehow…you believed me…


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