I Exist — Watching you.



A beginning to more writing ...


I'm watching you through these trees. Maneuvering slowly unable to navigate this terrain. At times you I see your attempt to swim with me. Did you know I was right next to you. That day you flipped your canoe and felt the waves and your world crashing to halt. Hello it was me who pulled you to shore, poured energy through your body once more and brought you back to life. Did you even have a clue — that day you actually died. Unbeknownst to all I reside here purposeful for you seasonal hikers, boaters and nature lovers. You don't realize your once a year excursion needs to be planned almost year long. Your body should be your temple of energy and drive. Yet you come out here thinking you'll survive. Look at my body fit and honored. My temple, my savings grace a reliable source for everyday. 

Jennifer Sinatra MacNeil                                    Oceana Montalalou

Writer / Poet / Healer                                         Artist / Picture creator 

Aka: MacPoetry73                                               Aka:   Oshie 



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