Sometimes life changes you forever!



My life changed unexpectedly in 2008 and has never been the same. Cancer and its reach is truly terrifying. By changing my life around and going into a newer direction. I hope to help others affected by it. The following from my new eBook i am finishing.

A few years ago my life changed dramatically and I had a sharp moment of clarity.

A daily life of rush rush rush intermixed with the constant need to own the next big thing, cars, houses and gadgets.

How things can simply change in the blink of an eye.

My father died and more recently my younger sister from cancer and the following is simply my journey, the new direction my life took and been able to open up my heart to the most wonderful thing in life: to simply inspire others.

I recently read a wonderful quote and it resonated on so many levels.

The most wonderful of souls are simply those who have suffered greatly.

I suppose when you have walked through whatever fire Life throws at you, you are burnt forever but through healing, you definitely become a new and transformed person.

For those who know, no words are necessary for those who don’t know, I hope you never have to suffer.

I was told by a contact that to really expand your horizons, one should start a blog using Google+.

How that has changed.

Within a year I reached 3.8million eyes and hopeful inspired a few kind souls along the way.

3.8 million And still rising! It humbles me truly.

The following timeline is simply my own journey through trying to create a new means of helping those enduring grief and opening their minds up to creating a form of catharsis to help overcome the many negative elements grief can sometimes bring leading on to my first steps into blogging on Google+ for a year.

I hope to add you to my total above and maybe inspire you along the way.

The opening piece relates to my moment of clarity and why within this life, we should give when the moment arises and really enjoy those around us whilst we still can.

Sometimes Life seduces us into thinking they will always be around and we will visit them tomorrow.

Go now!

Thanks for reading this far, sending heartfelt blessing.

Don’t Live for Work / Live for Life!

Be inspired!

- John Duffy 2016
- Omnia Vincit Amor (L)
In 2008, life was all work, work, work.
The endless treadmill we all seemingly stay upon for 8 hours or more on a regular basis, to create a life we deem a prerequisite for all our needs and desires.

I was one of the many, striving to provide a life I deemed worthy of my family. A life that contained all the materialistic and consumer driven products such as the latest car, the TV and all the other requirements the social engineers deemed we should aspire to own.

Then one day that all changed. A normal conversation with my brother changed all the dynamics forever.

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