Cuffed Extract



Warning: This is sexual, violent and graphic !! This is the 7th chapter of my new thriller novella "Cuffed" and is from the POV of the murderer.                                        

He’d waited all night for Chantelle to come back to her flat but she hadn't. He had known that she wouldn't be able to stay at the flat but he had thought she might come back for some of her things. He’d seen her being taken away in an ambulance earlier on so he knew she wouldn't have had time to take anything with her.

He was frustrated. He wanted her, and he wanted her now. He was normally a very patient man. He could wait for days before he touched one of his play things. He could drag torture out for weeks before he felt the need to strike the killing blow. The last one he’d had, her neighbour, was quite quick, but that was because it had been a while and John hadn't interested him enough, didn't fight him enough. He had used the girl as part of the torture, “submit or I’ll do to her what I was going to do to you.” This had worked a bit too well and John had given up, submitting to everything to quickly. He did have a last bit of fun though, pretending that he was going to let him go he had taken John back to his flat, stabbing him in the thigh when they were halfway up the stairs. Even if he didn't bleed to death from the stab wound he would soon die from the poison that was working its way through his blood stream. 

He allowed himself a self-satisfied smile as he remembered the look of horror on Johns face as he realised he was going to die. It wasn't long after that, that he saw Chantelle, and his smile turned to one filled with lust.
Finally giving up on her coming back to the flat tonight he decided to start making his way home. He detoured through the city centre, he liked seeing everyone out and drunk, their guards were down and they weren't paying attention to anything bar a few things, where they were getting the next drink from, if they were getting food, how they were getting home and if they were going home alone. 

There hadn't been a plan to take anyone that night, he had been planning to save himself for Chantelle, but an opportunity presented itself and he was never one to let an opportunity slip through his hands. The boy was standing on the corner. There wasn't much to give away that he wasn't out for a normal night out, you had to know what you were looking for to tell. Walking over to the boy they agreed a price and went down a deserted alley way. The boy was soon on his knees in front of him; he shoved his cock deep into the boys throat and held the back of the boys head with both hands until he started to choke. Not letting go he shoved his hips forward again. The boy began tearing at his trousers, digging his finger nails into his legs trying to hurt him, pulling at the pockets of his trousers, anything to get him off. Just when the boys movements started to lessen, the man finally let go of the boy who fell to the floor gasping for breath.
“You’re fucking crazy” the boy yelled at him.

He just began to laugh. An evil laugh that made the boys skin begin to crawl with fear. The boy’s eyes went wide and his breathing quickened. Trying to get to his feet he found they were quickly kicked out from underneath him, followed by a swift boot to the ribs which left him gagging on the ground with tears leaking from his eyes. The boy felt him kneel down next to him and take a tight hold on his hair. 

Lifting the boys head back with his hair and bearing his throat he drew a blade from his coat pocket. He let the boy catch a glimpse of the silver before pressing the blade his throat and drawing it across, ending his life in the blink of an eye.


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