5Yrs ago I wrote this one night when I couldn't sleep. I was going to do more with it, but to this day I still don't know if I should.

            I lay my head on the pillow. The pain in my head won’t subside, it got a grip on me and it won’t let go.

            I feel something it’s moved to my heart. My dear god what’s going on? The world is going dark. Who is taking the light away? I try to move, movement could be good. But wait my body. Something is wrong. What’s this? It’s something I can’t move to find out. I don’t feel anything.

            All has gone numb, I can see shadows moving around me but they are not doing much. They are moving slow. Like someone at a funeral. No-one has died of cause. That I’m aware of anyway.

            Now I must address this dark. I’ve moved my arm close enough to my leg to pinch it. I pinch my leg but nothing. Odd that. Why can’t I feel? Is something wrong with me?

            I can move my foot. I hope that it was my other foot I just pushed. Slowly I move my legs I can’t feel pain in them which is a good sign I hope. I’m moving it’s too dark to see. The pinch I just felt it. Feeling is returning.

            I feel hot, like I’m burning from the inside out. I’m dying that’s it mine burning to death. I’m ready to go; I’m coming mom please be there to meet me, for I’m coming home.

            I’m moving faster now the pain of the burning is going away. I feel cold; like ice. “Mom.” I yell. Oh my, that’s not my voice. Something is here with me. I can’t see it but I know its here. I move my arms. I can move my arm, which means I can move again. I’m on my feet. I feel power serge through me. I feel like I can do anything. I can’t see though. Wait I see a light. Why am I so unstable on my feet? This stuff I felt before it’s making it hard for me to walk. I’m going to ignore it, I need the light, and I need warmth how can I live without it.

            Where is everyone? The lack of human noise is not a comfort. I need to find out what’s going on. Not for the light now. The sun blinds me as I come out of the dark, slowly my eyes a just to it.

            As my vision returns to me slowly, what I find is not my home; it’s foreign to me. The plants are ones I’ve never seen before. Something in the distance has caught my attention. I don’t know what it is but whatever it is it moves fast. I pursue it like a blood hound. I’m amazed at my speed. The vegetation around me moves past me like a blur.

            Something hits my side; it knocks the wind out of me for a moment. I quickly regain myself. I yell out, but the noise I herd in the dark is out here with me. I move towards what I hope was safety.

            As I’m running I hear the same noise but at a deeper tone. I hear in my head “follow the roar” I stopped. Fear is creeping in, even though I do as the voice in my head has asked.

            I start to run; I stop running just before my surroundings become a complete blur. I find myself looking at a creature. I hid from its view. I watched it drink some of the water from what looked liked a stream. From behind l could tell its size, the body from my vantage point, all I could tell it was like a very large Tiger.

            I wasn’t sure if I was able to move from my spot without drawing its attention. Suddenly it lifted its head to the sky and sent out a roar then it was followed by “don’t be scared please come to the stream.” In my head, for the first time l looked at the ground and noticed to my horror that I had paws like a Tiger but four times the size.

            My movement had given me away, the next moment the very large Tiger was on top of me pinning me to the ground.

            It bore its large teeth, I turned my head and closed my eyes and waited for the end to come. Then a smooth voice in my head said “open your eyes” I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to see the end coming, and I differently didn’t want the last image to be my killer.

            “Open them.” The voice said again but with an undertone of authority. I slowly opened them slowly. I looked straight into a pair of dark blue eyes.

            There was a bright blinding flash of light; I was face to face with a human males face? His face was handsome, there wasn’t a flaw to be found, and it was like it was carved by the gods. His salt and pepper hair was short but untidy from a night of sleep. He smiled and lent down to kiss me gently on the lips as he pulled back he smiled. “It took you long enough to get here.”

            I didn’t know what to say my head was all of fuzz. “What is going on? More importantly what happened?” the man got off me and sat beside me. “Well are planet was dying my dear. So we were given a chance to start a new. But this planet can’t sustain human life. So we chose to animorf into animals, so now we are animals with human soles.” The man sitting beside me said.

            My head was swimming with what I was being told. My head was aching. My head started to spin. I felt like I was going to throw up, my head was suddenly filled with a thousand images. I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around me. I felt safe; felt like home. “I’m here my love.” I heard a voice whisper in my ear. The tone of the voice was comforting to me. I closed my eyes and I let the arms carry the weight of whatever was going on.

            It was strange I remembered being in bed with the man holding me. My mind was flooded with a life with this man. I turn to look up at him he looks down at me and smiles. I turn in his arms I move to kiss him before are lips connect we both change form. We both run and play on the field like cubs would do.

            I felt free and happy. I knew it wouldn’t last forever I had to put the orb back where I got it from, besides the two humans that I put in there seen to be happy. I found them clung together as their earth was dying, just before the was about to take its last breath I grabbed them I’m was sad to see that not long after I put them in the orb they started to die I acted fast so I transformed them into the wolf. I could let them loose their human form, which would be wrong. My brothers and I need the human race to live are future depends on it, so each of us were given a set of humans to look after. Now my humans are safe until we find a new earth for them to live in.

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