Aftermath. Chapter thirteen...



I knew it was my destiny...

  My heart skipped a beat: the house that stood back from the road was up for sale. I couldn't believe it: we already had an offer on our house. I knew it was my destiny to be its new owner. Ever since being a little girl I had that desire: a pulling to enter its door and explore.

  "Don't yer just love it? And no one lives there: they've already moved into their new house. There's no chain." It was if it was meant to be, just like dad with the farm. Dan wasn't as convinced, and couldn't understand my reaction when first crossing its threshold. I knew I was home on entering: the only thing I had to do was convince him. I was like a child in a sweet shop I didn't know where to explore first, and when finding an intercom under the stairs I asked why on earth was there one there in the first place. The estate agent smiled at my findings, which even intrigued Dan.

  "Oh that's for when you are up in the attic,"  he confirmed.

  What is it with bloody attics up that street? I should have turned on my heel and run for the hills and got as far away as possible.

  "Don't yer just love it?" I was so excited; I thought I would burst with joy after viewing it.

  "What's so great about it?" Dan enquired.

  "I 'ave ter 'ave it. I've loved that house ever since I was a child." And with the second view I put in the full asking price without Dan being there, something I had never done before.

  I was like a child counting down to Christmas: it couldn't come fast enough. I had all these plans in my head regarding what I was going to do with it: it would look even more spectacular with my creative touch. I wanted people to walk by and stand back at it, admiring it each time they walked by just like I had. I would have Dan putting up Christmas lights all around it and have lights suspended from the old wise trees that stood even prouder. I wanted it to look like Santa's grotto: the forecourt could have sleighs standing on it that would even have children looking in awe.

  I smiled at myself, lost in my imaginary world, seeing it wrapped around with its decorative trimmings.

  "First things first. Let's get moved first ... " I said to myself

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