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Lanis, is a serial series of short stories of an apprentice mage out on her one-year journeyman Walk-About before her testing for journeyman certification by the Mage University. Most apprentices don't survive but Lanis has a plan, and Lenden is part of that plan, Lets see what she is up to.

Episode One
By Rusty Knight

Opening episode, Episode One, ‘Home? Really!’:

She is sitting still as her mentor instructs Lanis on proper etiquette of addressing him.

“I want you addressing me as Master Lenden when you talk to me. Your room that I give you is on the second floor. You are responsible for your own laundry. You will cook both of our morning and evening meals every day for us, except the sixth-day, the day which is yours free to do with as you desire. Your other duties include: three hours of study with me each morning; three hours of self-study each afternoon and two hours each day to go to market for gathering of supplies for the household and laboratory. The rest of the day is yours. Understood, Apprentice Lanis?”

Lanis sighs, yet nods and answers sadly, “Yes, understood, Master Lenden. My room is on the second floor, and I have every six-day free. I also understand my duties. When do I start?”

Lenden frowns, as the seventy-one-year-old jalmal master-mage adjusts his sitting position in the plush sofa. “Tomorrow. You can settle in here today, and familiarize yourself with my house and laboratory. I understand you came to me for your one-year journey-man walkabout, to further your studies as an artificer. I am not an artificer, but you can practice your art as long as you follow my rules and do my work. Understood Lanis?”

Lanis carefully answers, “Yes, Master Lenden, I have access to your facilities to learn and practice my art, as long as I accomplish your work as you order.”

Lenden smiles and offers his arm to clasp. “Good, we understand each other then. The library and laboratory are both on the third floor. My personal room is on the second floor; my office is this room on the ground floor. We eat together, morning meal and evening meal in the dining-room next to the kitchen, here on the ground floor. There is no indoor privy, its an outdoor outhouse you use, if you need the facilities. As you know, I’m classed as rank seven mage, but that means nothing if I don’t have my spells and mind to use them. Once you pass a few of my tests you can view my spell-tomes. But that will come in time. Do you have your tome?”

Lanis smiles and pats her backpack. “I have my cantrip-tome and my spell-tome, Master Lenden. Everything I own is here with me in my backpack and this sack.”

Lenden smiles for Lanis. After they clasp arms, he says, “Then apprentice, let me show you your new home, and your room that you will live in for a year.”

Having stood and clasped arms with Lenden, Lanis follows the old man around the house, carrying her backpack and large sack of possessions. They traverse the ground floor, then the third floor, then the half-story that is the fourth floor and finally the second floor. The last room Lenden shows Lanis is a ten-foot by twelve-foot stone walled, maple floor and ceiling room, with one shuttered window. The room contains a single maple bed with feather mattress and pillow with flannel sheets.

Lanis sets her backpack and sack on the maple table that stands next to the four drawer chest-of-drawers. There is also a lone maple armless chair.

She looks down at the rough woven Imvor-orange carpet next to the bed and she smirks. Her carpet in the university was much nicer; she’ll replace this one as soon as she can afford to.

Looking at the empty three-shelf, maple book-shelf, Lanis takes her two tomes from her backpack and sets them neatly on the top shelf.

Turning to Lenden, Lanis meekly asks, “Master Lenden, it has been a long morning, where would your outhouse be?”

Lenden frowns and waves for Lanis to follow him. He shows Lanis his courtyard facilities with its well, garden and stable, then the outhouse. There he leaves her to do her business.

As Lanis is entering the house a little later, she nearly runs into a crudely dressed toyfem exiting the house. Their eyes briefly meet, but long enough to cause Lanis to shiver.

To be continued …

In the next episode, episode two, ‘Lenden’s Dilemma’: Trying to study a new spell, Lenden needs a spell component and he’s having difficulty acquiring some, he sends Lanis on a search.

© February 2016 Rusty Knight with Inevitable Unicorn Press

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