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17-year old Ara Grey finds herself stuck in between two worlds; the world full of witchcraft and magic, and then the world full of forbidden love, and family secrets. Too naive and blinded by his love, she must learn to survive in this evil town full of witchcraft and Magic.

"Forget not to show love unto strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." —Hebrews 13:2

It's been over centuries since the fall of Lucifer and the war in Heaven. Many claim that Angels cannot experience miracles, and therefore only humans can. There are miracles to angels as well, and that last day of the War in Heaven, Archangel Michael experienced one for himself. There is no conceivable explanation for how Michael defeated Satan. In a thousand-thousand-thousand battles between Satan and Michael, he sill should never have lasted more than a heartbeat. Satan should have slaughtered Michael where he stood, only pausing slightly to mourn the only angel he had ever loved before continuing his march to destroy Heaven and its angels. But by the grace and glory of God, Michael was victorious somehow.


Angels do experience miracles as well.

Now you're probably wondering why 'Satan' would love Archangel Michael. Well let me sympathize that briefly.

The angels did not begin all at once, but they began with one. A single angel, the first of his kind – the first of any kind, for before him only existed the Trinity. The word spoke and called this angel's name and from the light of Heaven the angel emerged, glorious, beautiful, and powerful. And this angel was named Heylel, which means "Glorious and Exalted Morningstar, Son of the Dawn". Now the lord thought it would be nice if Morningstar had siblings, and decided to create brothers and sisters for the Morningstar, and again the Lord called out a name and from the light of Heaven arose the second angel, whom men know as Michael, and in that same breath, the Lord cried a third name, and a third angel Ariel, came forth. Again and again, the Lord spoke names – Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Azrael, Camael, Beelzebub, Samael, Rameel, Ashmodai, Mephistopheles... and on and on and on and on the Lord spoke names until the whole of the shining light had yielded up each and every angel that would ever be. Now things pretty much went downhill from here, because you see Sin is a very peculiar creature. It begins like a seed or an egg – simple enough, something like that you wouldn't worry about. But then it begins to grow and grow until it becomes a great beast that lurks outside your door, a beast that all the descendants of Adam would one day have to gain mastery over. But in angels, Sin begins differently, Sin hatches from Pride. Though there's nothing wrong with being proud, but pride can often come between us and the lord, especially when we forget that it's actually the lord who gave us the things to be proud of in the first place. And that's exactly what happened Morningstar.








As he was the most wisest, greatest, strongest, oldest, most handsome, and the most exhilarated of all angels, he was also the most proud. Never before had the Lord told him to bow down to anyone except the lord, then why must he bow down before the creature? — You see pride can make people do funny things, sometimes mean things and other times it will offend one's pride. Morningstar furious and his pride had been hurt. The lord hadn't ordered Morningstar to love anyone other then God, and so after that morning, the Morningstar went to his brother Michael, the oldest of angels other than himself. The Lord hadn't ordered the Morningstar to love anyone other than God, and after that morning, the Morningstar loved his brother Michael, and Michael was the only angel he ever loved, which is why he went to Michael in the first place. He didn't know what he was going to do, or how he was going to deal with it, but he had a vague idea, and he proposed it to Michael. "Think about it, brother," he said, "for so long we have served the Lord our Father, and now we are to kneel before this new and untested creation? It is madness! Imagine what we could be without Father, Michael! I could sit on the Throne, and you to replace me as the highest of all the angels. I'm sure after enough time, no one would even remember Father, or His human. We could rule together!" The Lord had given Michael so much, and so Michael was proud of what he'd been given, and like so many of his other brothers, he loved Adam from the moment the Lord had showed him to the angels. Now, Adam had the free will, and he could make any choice he ever wanted. Lucifer on the other hand had come close to making a choice, but now he was a tempter, and now he offered Michael a choice. And for the first time in creation, the Archangel Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Host, made a Choice – the Choice. Many choices we make today, we make it with action, but as the Lord had created the world with a Word, so Prince Michael made his Choice with a word. He looked at his beloved older brother in the eyes and said, "Serviam..." which meant, "I shall serve Him..." And so Michael turned his back on his brother, at which the Morningstar was furious and swore that day to take revenge on Michael... — To Be Continued...



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