Journals of a Psychopath



Clarkson's daugter does not have a happy fate.

The Homestead

     “I do not know if we will find her,” Smithson said.
Elaina probed him with the spotlight repudiate in nature and Smithson stared down at the floor.
The Coffee Cup

Arlene notified she had seen Rheanna on the sidewalk she was pushing a stroller, by the time Arlene investigated Rhea had vanished. Dialing to say she had contacted him Caldwell could only report that Rhea and the baby were safe.
Caldwell had heard Jolenson and she was weeping in the background. Telephoning my cell Rheanna laughed and taunted me.
      “You have ruined my boy.”
      “Smithson understands my orders and he has grown into a fine figure of a man.”
      “Take stock and look at Smithson through fresh eyes.”
      “He is ideal.”
I shut the cell. Redoubling our efforts and searching the neighborhood, the residents grouped in doorways. A boy flitted by and I witnessed the apartments I missed on the first reconnoiter.

The Segregation Cell

Resuming the brushing of Alexia's hair and then Smithson began to shear Alexia’s tresses, her silvery-blonde locks floated to the concrete.
      “What did I do to deserve this?”
      “You are a woman.”
Seizing a razor and Smithson shaved the rest of Alexia's hair his face was distorted with ghoulish appreciation. Asking to go into the bathroom, the Lady Flarice was wary and I granted permission. Standing she walked painfully, Alexia followed her, she shuffled behind, and the light from the candle reflected off Alexia's baldhead. Performing for the Woodlander Warriors, the Darkest-One and the Converser, we danced and chanted. Marching Smithson and I found our victims in the chamber, Alexia reclined on the four-poster, the Lady Flarice was next to her, I could see them hazily through the pure white silk-lace drape, and I parted the delicate fabric.
      “This is the time Smithson that you will come of age.”
He received the instruction eagerly.
Chaining Alexia's legs to the bed, her legs were wide open, he uplifted her skirt, and he saw Alexia’s smallclothes were pink. Smithson ripped the panties off and her woman-part was disclosed for him to note, he licked it. Smithson’s lips slipped to Alexia’s ear in advance of the severed state and Smithson was ready to enter her.
      “Leave now,” the Woodlander Warriors and the Archangel said.
He was livid and I calmed Smithson down.

Twin Moon Forks

Inspecting the apartments I had missed and I deemed I got it wrong, although I saw Rhea on the balcony, I alerted Smithson.
      “I will be there soon.”
Elaina and Jesse lingered in the courtyard it was overgrown. Bikes, skateboards and balls cluttered the piece of land. Smithson was ready to begin the assault and we clambered up the fire escape onto the balcony. Ramming the door we achieved entry it caved in, Smithson bent over with the ache from his wound. Rhea's overnight bag was packed and the child was in a sling. Retrieving the baby, I pushed Rheanna and she stumbled into the door.
      “Fuck you!”
      “We have Jolenson,” I said into the cell.
      “Thank you so much.”
We were heroes in Elaina’s mind. Scurrying over the square, up the steps, Elaina and Jessie vaulted into the room. Elaina grabbed Jolenson.
      “Never come near my man or baby ever again.”
       “He is still my man and you are the usurper,” Rhea shouted.
Elaina squeezed the baby to her breast and Jolenson looked angelic in her mother’s arms.

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