The Angel Keeper



Donna believed that she had been sent a miracle when she discovered she had a guardian angel. Little did she know, that her guardian angel was far from an angel. She was actually a demon impersonating an angel, sent to ruin her. Would she ever even f...

There was a war in heaven. Michael gazed into his mirror before placing his winged helmet upon his golden hair. He held his lips together, trying to stay for the other Angels. After all, he had to come through because he was their leader. No one else truly knew how upset he was over Lucifer's actions. This was his brother. How could he betray God in such a way? Michael gave a deep sigh and then exited his chambers, shutting the large elaborate door made of black gold, as well as regular white diamonds.

When he exited his chambers, before him stood all of the angels of heaven, chattering among one another of what was going on. He vied them quietly at first, surveying the crowd almost. Searching the faces for an answer to give them. The perfect explanation to smooth their questions. He took a deep breath, preparing for his speech.

"My brothers!" He trumpeted out to the Angels. Michael had a booming voice that would silence any crowd when it rung out. The Angels only chattered for a moment more and then slowly simmered down to listen to what it was Michael had to say.

"What's going on Michael?" One of the Angels spoke out, looking into his eyes. Once this angel had said that, a lot more of the Angels started to chatter and agree with his question. Michael waved his hand over the Angels gently, signaling them to settle down.

"There has been something that has happened in our kingdom." Michael explained to them. The Angels listened attentively. "Our brother has betrayed the Alpha and the Omega, as well as us." The Angels gave gasps, appalled at what they were being told. "God has instructed us to fight him, as well as our brothers that have made the choice to follow him." Michael looked from spirit to spirit as he proceeded to say, "If he be you, I suggest you speak now, or be outed by the almighty God himself." All the Angels looked from one to another to see if anyone would step forth. Michael searched the crowd right along with them, waiting for Lucifer's Angels to emerge from the crowd.

No more than a twinkling of the eye after he had spoke these words, there was a rustling among the Angels. And behold, a gang of Angels wearing the same helmet as God's Angels.But instead of it being solid good like theirs, it was of a red and black color, old and rusted, gently shimmering from the sunlight in their presence almost like glitter. As they brushed past God's Angels approaching Michael, they removed their helmets, showing their true colors. In other words, their appearances changed from that of a godly angel, to a darker version of their former selves. Their skin didn't have their clay-like tone anymore. Since they had crossed over to the dark side, they now had a deep earth toned color about their skin that seemed to glisten black. Glistening as if it were sweat on their skin. Michael stood astonished. All of God's Angels drew their weapons. Michael held his hand up to them so they'd hold their attack.

"Our commanding officer has told us to come and speak with you." Lucifer's angel said in a horribly deep voice. His voice almost indecipherable it was so deep.

"How dare you?! How dare you come before us and have the audacity to say that you have another commanding officer other than the Lord thy God?!" Michael shouted, pointing at them angrily.

"Michael, I am truly sorry!" One angel behind him pleaded, holding his helmet before him.

"Me too!" Another Angels behind him cried out. The angel leading these frightened Angels, turned towards them, giving them both dirty looks.

"You know what, I too am sorry. But the truth of the matter is you're so caught up with worshiping the wrong person, that you're apologizing to me, and I don't have the authority to even forgive you for such a thing! You have to talk to the almighty God about that." Michael said.

"Well, unlike them, I know where my honor lies." The leader of them said with a smirk.

"Where your honor lies?" Michael said in a bit of nervous laughter as he leaned in closer to the angel's face he said quietly, "If you had any sense at all, you would know that your honor lies with God!" Lucifer's Angel smirked again.

Just then, there was an angry strike of lightening and thunder. God appeared before them in the mist. The Angels that served God bowed before him, including Michael. Lucifer's Angels still had the nerve to stand tall. The three Angels that were remorse for what they did, also bowed before the Lord. God threw up his right hand, binding the remorseful ones, simply because they could not choose a side.

"If you can't choose a side, then you shall await judgment!" The Angels that he had bound, cried out to the Lord. "Rise!" God told his Angels. "The time is at hand!" God looked to the crowds his Angels began to rise from the ground. After rising to their feet, not one soul moved.

"Aren't you going to tell them to attack?" God said crossing his arms, talking to the leader of the dark Angels. The demonic force looked at God as if he was not all knowing. "Reveal yourselves!" The Lord shouted with a mighty crack of thunder. Some of these Angels that had just bowed before the lord, now showed the stake on their ugly, dark forms., just like the others that had spoken with Michael. God's angels gasped and quickly unsheathed their swords.

"Since you waited so long to attack, I guess we will first." God's spirit said in a laugh, his arms crossed. "Attack them and do away with them from my kingdom!"

All the angels began to fight with their swords, sorcery, and magic. "Michael, go find Lucifer." God said touching his shoulder. Michael nodded once to him in approval. He took flight in the sky to find Lucifer.

He flew from where he was, his weapon drawn, toward the center of the beautiful kingdom. As he flew, he fought off whatever demons got in his way, trying to stay in deep thought of where Lucifer could be.

A coward like Lucifer couldn't be fighting, he thought to himself. Finally, the thought crossed his mind to search God's place of worshiping. And so, he picked up his speed and went there to seek him out.

Michael flew as fast as he could until he reached one of the many places of worship in heaven. He landed lightly onto the ground. As he stepped in, he could hear noise within the building.
The house of worship was dark and gloomy. He could no longer smell the sweet incense that usually filled the air of this place. Michael continued to slowly creep in, now smelling the strong scent of cigarettes. As he began to get closer, he could her the shy moan of a woman. Michael's face was filled with rage, realizing what it was Lucifer was doing. Then, that was when he heard the blasphemies of Lucifer.

"You like that don't you?" Lucifer
said. The woman continued to moan shyly. Michael hid behind the beam for a second as he began to catch view of the table placed before the alter.

Lucifer was on top of the woman on the table, having sex with her, a cigarette held in his left hand. Lucifer soon after climbed off of her when he was done. He took a stretch and put his pants on, finishing off the cigarette. At that very moment, Michael revealed himself to them. The lady with him crossed her arms over her breasts. The woman with him was Sadie, the only lady angel in the kingdom of heaven.

"My brother, what are you doing?" Michael said to him.

"What does it look like?" he responded as he took the last puff off his cigarette, and then handed it to Sadie to finish it off. Her skin turned a charcoal color every time she took an inhale, her skin cracking into pieces and within the cracks it looked like lava until she would exhale and return to her regular clay toned skin. At the time, this was very unlike Sadie. She was one of the kindest angels.

"And you Sadie. Can't you see he's using you?" Michael told her. She shrugged, not uttering a word.

"What the hell do you want Michael?" Lucifer told him, approaching him to be closer to his face.

"Don't play stupid Lucifer. You know exactly why i'm here."

"Well...." Lucifer started with a release of breath. "You want me to join my alliance and bring praise to me! The Alpha and The Omega!" he said, his arms out wide as if he were receiving praise, his head looking down. He lifted his eyes a moment and grinned. Meanwhile, Sadie began to get dressed back into her robe.

"How dare you disrespect God in such a fashion!" Michael said in a mighty rage.

"Because I. Am. God! God Dammit!!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. His voice echoed through the entire house of worship.

A roar of thunder roared throughout the entire sky. "Kick him out!" God's voice said within the thunder. Michael made his spear appear in his hands.

"I'm sorry." Michael said as he threw the spear into Lucifer's chest. Lucifer's face was rather surprised as his brother's spear came toward him to hurl him from heaven. Sadie jumped in front of him screaming: "Noooo!!" and the spear nearly hit her. It only missed her because of her bad timing. So it when through the hem of her robe before striking Lucifer in the chest.

Lucifer's spirit fell from the heavens like a strike of lightening. He fell so hard, and so fast into the earth, he had no time to breathe, as well as even think about what had just happened. His body burnt hot like that of the Earth's core. His body shook in unbearable pain.

Soon after him came all of the other angels that followed him, falling from the sky just as he had. After Lucifer's skin finally stopped burning, he rose up and dusted the debris off of him, crawling out of the huge hole that his body had made when he hit the ground. Sadie was already on the outside of the crater, looking down at him. She had the nerve to ask:

"Are you okay?"

Lucifer's face turned red with fury.

"Of course I'm not okay!" he shouted loudly, almost to the point that his voice was high pitch. She jumped back because his anger scared her.

"I was just concerned about your well being sweetie." she said to him, a little hurt that he had shouted at her. She touched his shoulder, only for a moment because he pulled away from her touch. She dropped her hands to her side. She looked down to the ground. "Now what are we to do?" she asked him.

"What the fuck kinda question is that?" he said to her in anger. Sadie quieted. She grew a little teary eyed, and wiped away a small tear. "Oh boo hoo! Don't get all soft just because we fucked!" he said pointing at her and walking away. The other angels followed him while Sadie stayed put. "Just start putting in some work!" he shouted back to her over his shoulder. "That was the plan from the start anyway!"

Sadie looked puzzled and hurt, but she wanted to please Lucifer so he would be happy with her. "Like what?" she asked him before he got too far.

"Anything that will make God unhappy!" he told her. "Nothing more, nothing less!" Sadie sighed. She then heard a voice off in the distance.

"What was that?" man's wife Eve said. "Did you hear that?"

"Ah, it is just our God at work, go back to sleep." Adam said.

Sadie had nearly forgotten about God's greatest creation, man. Maybe conquering man was the way to Lucifer's heart. She remembered talk of the other angels in meetings about the forbidden tree. She looked around to what she thought might've been it, but them doubled back because she wasn't sure which one it would be.

I'll just have them tell me, or i can watch them to figure out which one is the forbidden tree she thought to herself. That's when she got the idea to talk then into eating from the tree. She probably would not go as herself, knowing they wouldn't listen to her if they had knowledge that she was kicked from heaven. So, she got the idea to talk an animal into doing it and relaying the message. At the time, she didn't think it would work. But in due time, she would be the reason for future evil.

And that was when all hell broke loose........

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