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After a grueling day at work you go home. The sweet allure of your couch and captain crunch is over powering! You arrive at the door, stick in the key, yank it open and … see a writhing horde of Minotaur chanting in the night and then one notices you and charges. You slam...

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     “Can this day never end?” thought frank as he stared at the clock. It was 2:55 p.m. and he was ready to go. His day at work had been a bad one and he just wanted to go home. He could almost hear his couch calling his name. Another grueling minute passed by. It felt like forever. Frank turned away from the clock, hoping it would make time go faster.
Two minutes left. Frank started to gather his things. He was going to be the first one out today. He couldn’t wait to get home and devour the biggest bowl of captain crunch while watching his favorite shows. It sounded like heaven. Finally!! Three had rolled around. Frank almost ran over several other co-workers as he made his way to the front of the building. As he walked out of the front doors, he felt a wave of relief wash over him. The worst part of his day was done. He was on his way home.
     He jumped in his car and rushed home as fast as he could without breaking too many laws of the road. He ran up the stairs two at a time. There is was, the door to his little sanctuary. He walked up to it and was about to put the key in and turn when he heard a strange noise. It sounded almost like a chant. They kept saying the same thing over and over again. Frank couldn’t make out what they were saying. He looked around, trying to find the source of the noise. He walked down the hall, passed a few of his neighbor’s doors, but the chant grew quieter the farther away he got from his own door. His suspicion grew as he walked to his door and placed his ear against it. The chanting was so loud. He felt the door vibrating slightly in a rhythmic beat. Furious at the thought of another person being in his apartment, he slid the key in the hole. Before he could turn it, the chanting stopped. The hallway grew silent again. Feeling like he spooked the intruders, he turned the key and opened the door.
     To his surprise, he didn’t find any people in his living room. It shocked frank to find a massive group of Minotaur staring back at him. Panic gripped at his throat as he tried to scream for his life. Before he could turn and run, the biggest Minotaur let out a roar that echoed in Frank’s soul. It then charged him head on. Before Frank could get out of the way, he was hit by the massive beast. He heard his chest crack as the Minotaur connected the hit. The pain was too much for him to bear, but he had no choice in what was going on. Frank was hit with so much force that he was knocked off his feet and was catapulted through the air.
     As he flew he recognized his doorway that he was knocked through. What surprised him was the fact that he didn’t hit the wall outside or the floor even. Instead, he fell through a giant hole that was in the floor. He fell through the three floors under him. He could see into the rooms of the neighbors below his own apartment. He kept falling as he passed the ground that the building was built on. He twisted in the air as he fell. When he was turned around to see his descent, he grew completely terrified. All he could see was fire and lava. It poured down the walls of the massive chasm that he was knocked into. He couldn’t see the bottom of the pit, which scared him even more. The heat grew hotter the deeper he fell. When he felt like he couldn’t take anymore, there it was. He could finally see the bottom, and it was approaching fast. He was certain that this was it for him. He was going to die after a fall like that. He wasn’t sure how far he had fallen but he knew it was enough to kill him. He closed his eyes and braced himself for the impact.
Frank hit the ground with enough force to shatter the bedrock underneath it. His entire body burst with enormous amounts of pain. The part that worried him the most was the fact that he was still alive. He could barely open his eyes because of the amount of pain he was feeling. It was brutal. When he did manage to open them, he saw feet standing in front of his eyes. Doing his best to roll over, he saw a sight truly horrifying. It was another Minotaur. There were differences about this one though. It seemed bigger than all the others that were in his house. Maybe it was just his perspective. The other major thing about this one was that it could talk.
     “Hello frank. Welcome to your destiny.” Proclaimed the Minotaur as it studied over Frank.
     “What do you mean? There is nothing spec...” Frank was interrupted by a burst of new pain as his body took all his injuries in. “What is so great about me?”
     “Well that is the best part, my dear Frank. You are to become the ruler of my people. You have been chosen to command the beast that will bring us out of this hell and into total domination over the human race.”
     Frank just stared at him. He tried to laugh but with every chuckle, his body screamed for mercy. “You must be really stupid. As you can see, I am human. How will I lead you against my own race?”
     “That is where I come in. My name is Asterion. I will be the one that leads you to glory. Allow me to relieve you of your pain. Also, Welcome to the uprising, King.”
     Asterion reached down and touched Frank on his brow. In an instant, an entire history flashed before his eyes. He could see the birth of the Minotaur race. It was a tragic story with much pain. The labyrinth that passed through Frank’s mind seemed unending. He could feel the anger that manifested within the entire Minotaur race. He started to feel the same anger grow within himself. As the history played on in his head, he could feel his body changing. His skull split open as he grew massive horns. He felt his face grow longer. His entire body bulked up to the size of a bull. He felt a new fire rage within his chest. When he felt like he could stand no more, the entire process came to a halt. His body no longer hurt. He felt strong, stronger than he had ever felt before. He stood on new feet that were big enough to support his new form. He walked out of the crater that he made when he landed. Feeling like he could take over the entire universe, he let out the mightiest roar he could muster. It sounded like victorious to him. Asterion backed away slightly and knelt in submission to Frank.
     After getting back to his feet, Asterion said, “I am yours to command, my king. What would you have me do?”
     After much consideration, his mind flashed to a major point in the Minotaur history. It was the day that the race as a whole came up with a way to rise to victory. That was the day that the beast began to form. It was a glorious idea the rulers had thought up. All he wanted now was for his people, the Minotaur, to take their rightful place as rulers of Earth. He didn’t know where this change of loyalty was coming from, but it overwhelmed him too much to fight. Without another thought, Frank had one thing to say to Asterion.
     “The day has come for us to rise, Asterion. Summon the beast.” Demanded Frank.
     With a simple nod of his massive head, Asterion began chanting. Unlike in the hallway of his old life, Frank could clearly understand what was being chanted this time. It was a beautiful string of words. The earth beneath their feet began to tremble. Frank was not frightened though. He could feel pride building as he knew what was coming. His eyes were drawn to the crater he just crawled out of. A horn the size of a tree burst from the ground. It was a sight to see. The horn grew bigger as it climbed closer to the top of the chasm. The ground erupted as the Beast climbed out of the prison it was held in. Frank let out a massive roar, completely satisfied at the sight of the Beast.
     Once the Beast was out of the ground completely, Frank admired the sight. The Beast turned to look at Frank. Instead of fear, dominance overtook Frank as he walked up to the Beast. He touched its nose and a blaze of fire filled his mind. He saw the thoughts of the Beast, and he wanted nothing more than to fulfill those desires. He saw lands flattened and set on fire. He could see his people charging the lands, killing all humans they came across. It was a beautiful sight.
Without a word, Frank leaped from the ground to a hollow spot on the back of the Beast. Grabbing a section of its mane, Frank and the Beast climbed up the wall of the chasm. The day had come for Frank to take over the world. He was going to enjoy this day. It was the start of his life as ruler of Earth.


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