What I “like” about my regrets



Sometimes, when life bogs you down, it helps to remember something good that came out of all that bad we lived through.

I was finishing reading a book last week and read something that I hadn’t caught the first two times I read it. The book is Twenty Times A Lady by Karyn Bosnak. And the part that caught my attention were thus –

Delilah’s been cribbing about all the mistakes that she’s made in her past, all though her life, for a few weeks now. And on the evening of her sister’s wedding, she and her grandfather have a private heart-to-heart by the window, whilst admiring the city from a high-storey window at the Waldorf.

And her grandfather asks her to tell him one thing that she has done, one absolutely wild thing, without holding back. And when she does, he says something like,

Darlin’, there’s no point in crying about and regretting the past. Because you have already DONE it. So why not look at the good points about those regrets. What you enjoyed, learned, felt.

And that totally got my attention. It makes complete sense. Why not do that? Why not see what we ENJOYED about the things that we regret today? So I got to thinking and here’s a small list. So these are just some of the things and I am sure there will be a sequel to this blog when I get to “thinky” again and come up with more stuff. So here goes.

Here is what I LIKE about my regrets.

Giving multiple exams for a career option that I didn’t wanna take– Took 3 years of my life. But it taught me how to deal with failure. Helped me find what I really wanted to do with my life. And what I didn’t want to do, too.

Losing a close friend because of my anger – Made me cherish the friendship. Remember the good times that we had. The fact that I could have that close a friendship with somebody, the trust, the care, all of it – I had it.

Not making an effort to let go of my nature and connect with people– It helped me get to know myself a little more. And you know what? It was fun!

Hitting rock bottom – Made me realize that I can battle any odds by MYSELF and emerge powerful, with more self-love and self-respect, new found independence, mental strength and so much more clarity. I absolutely love that part.

Giving up CA – I became a writer. And I am happy. Need I say more.

Being too scared to drive the car 4 years ago – I learned it now! And it helped me understand the side effects of delaying. I still had to learn it and face my fear. But the lesson that pushing something forward is just gonna come back later, as a practical smack in the face, was quite awakening.

Fighting everything – I didn’t regret this rebellious streak until I realized how much I missed out on down the line. But, then, I like that I have that spark, that will to question things, and guts to do something that I wanted.

So, folks, what do you think? Nice concept huh? Try it out. It feels nice.

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