From the 1st book: Kirashi addresses the Kataru Parliament



Kirashi addressed the Kataru Parliament

E5 escorted Kirashi onto the central plaza where most apartment buildings were located. It was a short walk to the Parliament building. Instead of a gown or toga that she wore for banquet, she wore her environmental suit. She had no desire to appear to be vain in front of such a frugal people as the Amelu. They walked into the plaza and towards a rectangular lower level, where gleaming trains came and went, delivering diplomats to the presentation she was to give. This plaza was the administrative center of the Kataru Alliance of the Orion Spur. There were a at least a thousand people representing hundreds of different races, coming and going.  

She saw statues of their Gods, The First Ones, set on each corner of the plaza. Statues faced each other across the recessed expanse.  She recognized Horus, Anubis, Sekhmet and Bastet, their images almost identical to the ones the Tayamni created at ancient Terra. She saw the pyramidal Parliament building immediately upon reaching the plaza. It was a series of pyramids, several, sitting over other identical ones, turned upside down. The lower half of the structure was sunk into the surface of the plaza, leaving the widest part of the building, the part where bases joined, at the plaza level. The pyramid was gleaming white with a golden capstone at the top.

An energy producing device was affixed to the central pyramid, under the capstone, shooting bolts of energy, like lightning, into the air directly above. The complex of government buildings was at the center of Sippar. Ahead of them, she saw domes, towers, spires and hovering structures. They walked along the edge of stairs that led to the lower level. Between the stairs were fountains emerging from shimmering pools of water. The brilliant blue sky and fluffy white clouds above, reflected in the water.

They reached a building adjacent to the pyramid, and entered. E5 explained that this structure is where Erish and Alhalsu were staying. They took a transport down, three stories. Then, the same transport took them in the direction of the pyramid. Once there, a moving sidewalk took them further into the building. All who passed seemed to know E5. He was smiling and nodding at workers, diplomats, and officers. Kirashi felt she had lived her whole life in an isolated back water. This city was indeed, the cultural and political center of the Orion Spur, if not of the Galaxy itself.

Finally, they reached the entrance to the Kataru Parliament building. She saw her diplomats waiting ahead. M5, the female who sent the original communications, was also there. She realized E5 was holding her hand this whole time.

He explained this structure had stood here for a million years. The technology used in the construction of this floating city, was far more advanced than that of the Tayamni.

E5 sent telepathic messages explaining that they would walk to a dais about 10 meters ahead. They would stand there, and an opening in ceiling above would appear. The dais would rise through the opening. They would appear at the center of 20 rows of seats. The dais would rotate so they would address all that were present. There would also be representatives viewing the presentation remotely from as far away as the Terran system. He told her Elders at the Lunar base would watch, although the transmission would be delayed by days. The races confined to ocean habitats could also watch remotely.  He brought Kirashi and the diplomats up to the dais. She was surprised at her own nervousness. She had given many speeches and presentations to the Elders and to other races, but never to this many different races. E5 felt her nervousness, and squeezed her hand. He sent her another telepathic message, telling her she would be wonderful, and that everyone would fall in love with her.

Imperceptibly, the dais began to rise. She saw the round surface on which they stood, sat atop a column moving upwards. She looked above her, and saw the ceiling slide into halves, allowing the dais to extend through it. As they rose into the open space, she looked around. Immediately, she could make out at least seven different races. The Tiamatu were present. Three were in spheres of liquid, having fish-like bodies with fins and large eyes. A male with a fish lower body and human upper body, floated under an arch emitting energies keeping him aloft. The Amelu were the only cyborg race present. Fortunately, the Anurians had not chosen to attend in person. Their votes were only ceremonial, since they had centuries ahead before reaching compatibility. The humanoid races applauded with their hands, in the Terran manner. Others made moaning sounds. Still others made clicks.

E5 began addressing the attendees. He was trusted, even revered, and effusive in his praise of the Tayamni. He explained how he had come to know Kirashi. He communicated that his people would put their full force behind an alliance to defeat the Tlalocs. Kirashi stepped forward and explained the history of the Tayamni. She described their missions in different systems. She told them about humanity, their uniqueness, their goodness, compassion, and natural affinity to love. She explained how close they were to achieving Compatibility, and how confident the Tayamni were that humanity would continue the work they themselves had begun to promote the force of Love throughout the multiverse. 

After Kirashi’s presentation, M5, the Amelu female, walked forward to take a vote to allowing the Tayamni to join the Alliance. Only one race voted against them. And, this creature voted on behalf of the Anurians, who were not full members. This vote was the only one in protest.

It was unanimous. The Tayamni would become full members, and all others who could, would send representatives from their militaries to the Terran system. Kirashi realized they would have to expand the Lunar base to accommodate them all. There would be banquets, introductory presentations, and more agreements made.    

E5 squeezed her hand and sent her a telepathic message, explaining he would return with her to the Terran system.


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