Journals of a Psychopath



Lady Flarice's wedding is looming, and eager groom, a terrified bride.

The Isolation Chamber

Unscrewing the top off a bottle of bourbon and Smithson offered some to the Lady Flarice.
She elevated her upper body and her lips parted to receive the dark-liquid. Allowing Lady Flarice a death-stick and she eyed me, words did not form on the Lady Flarice's lips, her pure white silk wedding robe was spread out, and Smithson's hand coasted above the gown.
“Do not touch it.”
Instead, Smithson polished the silver shield with a cloth. Smithson and I paraded our manly- weapons, my man-tool glowed, and the silver stars darned into it spangled, matched the Lady Flarice’s silver stars sewn into her labia.
“The Lady Flarice was chosen for me,” I sang.
Beginning to paint elaborate patterns on her face and body with silver paint Lady Flarice was distraught.
Manipulating her into different positions and she accepted it with dignity. Smithson clutched the pot and he tinted Lady Flarice’s woman-place.
“Please stop?”
She was unheeded Smithson and I were intent on our chore. When we finished, we surveyed our effort and her body was decorated with silver swirls, the Lady Flarice was ready for the consummation. Chanting reverberated in the airspace and the Intonation cackled.

The Gas Station

“Father has died,” Rhea cried.
She had just surged into the gas station and dropped the news she was in shock.
“How did he die?”
“It was a massive heart attack.”
I was very pleased with the update, now Smithson was the Chief Executive. Rheanna asked me to help her with the funeral arrangements I did not hesitate Caldwell Enterprises belonged to us. Harry’s eyes emitted compassion and he sauntered over to Rhea.
“Can I do anything for you?”
“Thank you, but no.”

The Farmstead

I expected Caldwell to show his face and I was edgy, but it would take time to be accustomed to Caldwell’s death. Loping the stairs and Smithson was surprised when I dashed into his room.
“Lady Flarice’s torment is delayed, because of Caldwell's death.”
“I need to hold my eyes on the Hammond inheritance.”
“Father it is the right time.”
“A few more days will not make much difference.”
He was discontented with the decision and he argued I did not change my mind. Rhea crawled up the stairs and stumbled into Smithson’s room.
“We are in the middle of a conversation.”
“You are always plotting something,” Rheanna replied.
“Go away Rheanna,” I said.
Taking hold and propelling her from the door Rheanna scowled.
“Make time to help with the funeral arrangements.”
Smithson was standing with puzzlement over his face. However, Caldwell Enterprises would finance the calling and make us even stronger.

The Purifiers and the Archangel

The Trees and the Darkest-One displayed displeasure with complete silence, even the Voice was noiseless, I sensed the change in the air the expectant crackle of energy was missing. Dancing with all my heart and soul, but Smithson was downcast he did not join. Tethering her to the Tree and Smithson handed a whiskey to Lady Flarice. She drank it. Smithson and I stalked to the clearing and prepared it. Hitting the roots Lady Flarice railed it did not matter the justice we schemed for her could not be much worse.
“We will return to the isolation chamber,” I said.
Grumbling about it, Smithson was confounded, the Lady Flarice was thankful to escape the punishment, but she must have known it was temporary.

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