When Fire meets Water



just an alternate story of Yara and Daenerys meeting from game of thrones :)

    Cold salty water sprayed across her cheeks as she stood on the bow of her flagship.   She loved the smell of the salt water as it enveloped her with an embrace only a sailor could really understand.  The waters of this world all had different flavors to them that a landlubber would not detect so easily.  When she thought of the waters embracing her home on the Iron Isle she thought of the wind and sea swept islands worn down by the relentless tides.  The water had a bite to it and she dearly loved it.  Dangerous and always faithful in that danger it presented.  A person could easily lose themselves in the waters if they were not careful and even if they were careful and did everything to the best of their ability, death was not far away.  The waters of Blazewater Bay and the Saltspear held the lingering scent of the marshes of the Neck in them, the Crannogmen might just ply the various rivers and waters of the neck but that didn’t mean the dangers there were any less deadly.   Sea Dragon point and the Bay of Ice held a different smell of late, before the world seemed to disintegrate into war she could smell the ice and cold which had its own distinct smell, danger for certain for the unwary captain.  The ice that floats from that bay would ravage any ship far faster than steel would.  Lately the ice seemed to smell of death and corpses and she dared not sail so far as the Frozen shore to smell this.  There seemed to be something of ill wind spreading in the north that she couldn’t really put to words, words were silly things anyway when action was far better. 

    Action would save her baby brother; she could see him walking among the men learning what he should have at the knee of their father had Theon not been taken from them by the Starks.  Well it would take time but she would turn him into a worthy Captain, she could see him gaining his sea legs, he was born to be here upon the open waters risking life and body, paying the iron price.  If that bastard Ramsey were in front of her right now she would have shown him a flaying he never would have forgotten and then feed him to the sharks.  Anger to rival a hurricane flowed out of her as she reminded herself that her brother needed her first, the bastard could wait.  She was certain she could place the bastard’s execution with her parlay with Daenerys Targaryen, Daenerys Stormborn by her other name.  That spoke well of her born among the salt waters of the Dragonstone.

    Word had reached Volantis of Queen Daenerys and her conquest of Meereen.  Word enough that even a whore from Volantis could earn an extra coin passing along valuable information.  Information Yara would use in her negotiation with the mother of dragons.  That idea brought a chill to her spin and with it the excitement of danger.  Fire was the last thing a sailor wanted to deal with especially dragonfire from which water was as useless as air.  To a sailor fire was the start and end of many nightmares with the choice of burning alive, or if not drowning consumed by the many creatures of the ocean.  Drowning itself was nothing to fear the watery halls of the Drowned God awaited anyone who suffered that face, but the thought of being consumed by the fish served at the halls was unnerving.

    Yara turned her attention back to the Gulf of Grief soon they would pass into Slaver’s Bay and from there Meereen.  She had that amount of time to work out the words she would say to Queen Daenerys.  This would be the way to reclaim their home.  At the moment given the foolish nature of the Kingsmoot the only way she would see herself Queen of her homeland. As the fleet approached Meereen she could see a vast blockade fleet arrayed between her own fleet and her destination.  Their distance still too far to be a danger as of yet but they would prove to be no problem for the Iron fleet.  Battle brought a warm feeling to her stomach as she turned to begin giving orders to send out to the other captains. 

    It was then she heard the roar that echoed through her body.  It took her a few moments to realize what it was, a dragon.  No more than one, Yara braced her face and her body the men could not afford to see her quiver, not now.  She gave a quick glance to see Theon pulling strength from her and not cowering, certainly a good sign that the old Theon was returning before she turned her attention to the fleet just in time to see the roar of dragon fire lance among the ships.  The Dragonfire  left nothing that could be described as a ship and water did not quench it as she watched Slaver’s Bay turn into Dragonfire Bay.  Tongues of fire flickering off the sea waters brought terror and anticipation to Yara’s thoughts.  Thoughts of Conquest filled her mind as it drifted briefly back to her first conquest, Baella.  The first time she paid the iron price to the drowned god was upon her lips. Lips and eyes that burned as brightly as the dragonfire she now saw spreading across the slaver’s fleet.  She consumed and was consumed by Baella that night, no man could match the storm of her kisses, and that night she realized that no man ever would. 

    She did not realize it but the sailors around her were taking strength from the look of victory playing about her face.  They would have said the Captain’s Victory look, from which nothing would defeat them; nothing would stand before their blades.  They knew her reasons for sailing this far with the Iron Fleet.  Better that than staying with that backstabber Euron.  The men of the Iron Fleet would rather sail with their one true Queen to the depths of the Drowned Gods halls than spent one moment under the command of someone as worthless as Euron Greyjoy.  They bleed for Yara and would do so again, she always brought them victory.

    As Yara watched the dragons float and dive among the ships she was certain she could see someone on the back of the large black dragon.  She was certain that was the mother of dragons leading her children onto battle and Yara felt a catch in her throat.  That same feeling when she first saw Baella came rushing back to her threatening to flood her completely.  For the first time she failed to steel herself against her emotions.  Desires pulled her under deeper and stronger than any current, Drowned God protect her she felt like she would drown on land.  That was a true Queen to follow, one who would risk battle to protect all she held dear.

    “I think the Iron Fleet should moor at Yunkai this was not the time to be mistaken as an invasion fleet.”


    “Our fathers were evil men, all of us here. They left the world worse than they found it.  We’re not going to do that.  We’re going to leave the world better than we found it.” Daenerys shifted slightly and she was certain nobody noticed until she saw the Captain’s eyes.  The woman named Yara Greyjoy.  Nothing seemed to escape those eyes as Daenerys sought every trick she had learned to keep her heart calm. Her heart did not do this when she was in the arms of Khal Drogo.  There was a fire there and she felt she came to know and love him she still missed his strength even now.   It was nothing even like the fire she felt on her skin when her children were born, or when she burnt the remaining Khal at the khalar vezhven.  This fire sparked deep in her like the substances that burned when it touched water, Tyrion had told her about them.  As Yara’s eyes drifted over her she felt completely bare to her under the eye of a Captain who knew where the treasure was and how to best exploit it.  She needed to move, to do something to tapper down her heart.  She stood pulling the eyes of Yara to her.

    “You will support my claim as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and respect the integrity of the seven kingdoms.  No more reaving roaming raiding or raping” Daenerys could almost feel Yaras breathe; she knew the demands were steep for someone born of the Iron Isles. She could feel the goosebumps on her skin from the thought of that breath on her.  She walked too close to her, what on earth possessed her to do that. She wasn’t using her mind at all.

    A Captain must always pay attention to the smallest of details.  The small details that would tell you a storm is coming or that the ship was in danger of rocks and worse. As she watched the Dragon Queen upon her thrown she could see numerous signs that told her all she needed to know of the Queen.  The demand the Queen had was steep, would her people follow her?  She attempted to pull her thoughts together but they remained in a storm that was Daenerys Stormborn.  “That’s our way of life.”  She must be strong for her people.

    “No more”

    Queen and Captain stood there appraising each other or that is how it would have appeared to the untrained eye. Tyrion could see the Queen was holding on for dear life although she would never show it physically.  As far as he could tell Daenerys and the Captain were unaware of anyone else in the room.  He could tell Yara was looking for a way around the Queens demands but could not see one, a glance to her brother told Tyrion they had won.

    Yara’s mind was completely on Daenerys, she wasn’t certain how long she was looking into the Queen’s eyes.  They were the only thing in her view and truthfully the only thing on her mind.  A small fraction of her mind did attempt to rise up to defend her people.  Reaving, Raiding and the like were the way of her people, but that those thoughts were burned by the dragonfire of Daenerys violet eyes.  Her heart was lost to those eyes but she did have to think of her people.  Theon was likely her only refuge and the only one of the two not thinking of satin sheets and violet eyes.  She glanced over at her brother seeking refuge and he calmly nodded his head.  Her heart was set but it shored up her spirit to see her brother agreed with the terms.  It shocked Yara how quickly she was willing to give up that life even for the chance of being near Daenerys.  Pleading violet eyes told her of more treasure to come and for the first time she no longer cared about the iron price, the Captain had herself been conqoured.

    Daenerys likewise was lost in Yara’s eyes she could see nothing else. Not the room she was in or the people in it watching her.  All she could feel was the depth of her brown eyes bordering on black.  Deep sea of Yara’s eyes swirled around Daenerys as she used all her willpower to steady her knees she felt were melting into water.  She needed to remain strong for her people, was this wise?  Was she thinking clearly?   She watched as black eyes drifted to the man standing next to her, who was he again? Daenerys had forgotten.  Perhaps he was an advisor.  She normally was very good at keeping track of detail but the depth she was in kept interfering.  Oh he is her brother.  She desperately wanted those deep black eyes on her again.  The eyes returned and now Yara stood there with her hand raised in sign of agreement. “No more.”

    Daenerys stole a glance back to her advisor Tyrion, was this wise? She willed him to agree with it knowing her feelings could be betraying their kingdom but none of it mattered.  Tyrion was rational and Daenerys would have to trust his judgement on this, her emotions burned too far out of control to trust herself with this matter.  He nodded and in her mind Tyrion also gave his blessing to his Queen.  Her heart pounded her chest as she looked at Yara’s hand wanting to touch it but filled with schoolgirl fright at the same time.  With a nod of encouragement from Yara the Queen reached our caressing the Captain’s arm with her fingers as she grasped towards Yara’s elbow.

    To Yara it was as if silk had been run across her body as Daenerys fingers drifted over her hand towards her arm. Each touch lighting a fire on her skin as Yara held back a quiver.  Her own hand reached up steading the slightly trembling hand of Daenerys.  A touch did this to her and she to me? Gods neither of us will make it.


    Neither would remember anything else about the meeting.  All other memories fled their minds.  That night more memories were made as fire licked across water igniting a passion that Yara never experienced before, not even with Baella.  For Daenerys the cooling touch of the ocean proved as enticing as she lost herself in its depths wondering several times, this is what it feels like to drown? I don’t ever want to go up for air again.  Before either knew it the light of dawn peeked through the windows of the Queen’s chambers Daenery’s long blonde hair covering the two as if they were the finest of silk sheets.  Yara caressed the cheek of the still sleeping Queen and was rewarded with a smile.   Violet eyes sought out Black eyes and Black eyes enveloped them within their depth.  Black eyes sought out Violet eyes and saw a port they would always want to return to.  Let others sing on about a song of Ice and Fire, nothing would compare to the storm brought about by Dragonfire and Water.

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