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ISSN 2371-3747Episode 10January 2016 LanisEpisode 010, ‘Spell That!’By Rusty Knight In the previous episode 009, ‘What is a Cantrip?’: The student and assistant now becomes the teacher.Drake instructs Melinda on the art o...

ISSN 2371-3747
Episode 10
January 2016

Episode 010, ‘Spell That!’
By Rusty Knight

In the previous episode 009, ‘What is a Cantrip?’:

The student and assistant now becomes the teacher.
Drake instructs Melinda on the art of spell-crafting and being a mage. While Lanis, who is now the teacher, Mage Drake, is learning the craft of being a Journeyman Mage.

And now in episode 010, ‘Spell That!

Drake continues with her instruction of the student, Apprentice Melinda.

“Yes, you will do this one completely on your own. Begin.” Instructs Drake.

Melinda stares at the page for several moments with her hands trembling and fingers twitching. Her lips quiver as she contemplates the idea.

She looks at Drake. Meekly, she whispers, “Okay.”

Drake observes while Melinda takes the lessons she has been given and applies them to a new cantrip over the next hour.

Finally, Melinda informs Drake. “I think it is ready; I am going to try it.”

Drake watches as Melinda memorizes the cantrip, then stands and tries casting it. Nothing happens.

Drake, having observed the whole process, knows what the result was intended to be. She should have reached and scratched herself as if she had an itch. A simple cantrip she would call, ‘scratch’. But there is a flaw in Melinda’s design.

Drake walks over to Melinda’s notes and waves the student over, pointing at the notes. “You have flaws in your cantrip. Tomorrow, I’ll work on it with you and you’ll try it again. From this point forward, we’ll work on cantrips five days and you’ll spend time doing house work afterwards. Then, on the sixth day, you’ll have the day off to yourself.”

Lenden arrives and looks over the area. He asks, “How much mage’s vellum or parchment do you have? Do you have a tome for Melinda?”

Drake frowns, curling her lips down. She looks at her ten pages on the table. “I only have eight pages now. Melinda has two of these used for her first cantrip.”

Lenden grumpily scowls. He says, “Ok, you can’t contain her cantrips on ten pages. We start today, making mage’s pages for a tome. As Melinda studies and learns cantrips she will scribe them on the pages I already have. I have about fifty. When we have made a hundred pages, I’ll bind her first tome for her. You’ll owe me six-thousand Flairs as each page is worth fifty Flairs, and the cover with the binding, adds another thousand. Scribing each cantrip onto pages will cost about a hundred Flairs. Her tome will be worth in the neighborhood of ten-thousand Flairs when she is finished. You two will owe me six-thousand, because you’ll be doing some of the work and learning the process for making paper and vellum as well. You’ll scribe your own cantrips and spells. But, I will pay for the materials and resources to make the pages and I’ll bind the tome and pay for the resources for scribing the spells and cantrips. Any rebuttals?”

Melinda drops into a chair sobbing. “I’ll never be able to pay that back. I can’t”

Lenden laughs sarcastically and whispers, “You can and you will. Starting today, let’s get to work.”


Working five hours everyday, learning the processes and actually doing the work together, the three of the them manufacture fifteen, sixteen-inch by twelve-inch, vellum pages, every five days.

Drake researches with Lenden, helping him with his spells for one hour every day, except every sixth day. She teaches Melinda two or three hours every day, except on the sixth day.

Drake squeezes in an hour or two for her own spell research, working on the spell ‘levitate’, until on Spring 26 when she masters the spell and begins to scribe it into her spell tome. On Spring 40, she has filled two pages of her tome, using twenty-two-hundred Flairs of supplies to perfect the spell and scribe it.

Walking over to Lenden’s desk on Spring 40, after scribing the ‘levitate’ spell into her tome, Drake asks Lenden. “Master Lenden. Uncle, how much is my balance with you currently?”

Lenden motions for Drake to follow him and they walk down to his office. Lenden pulls forth his register and turns to the page for Drake and shows her the balance after today.

: 3,205.48 cn

He says, “Don’t worry yet. If it climbs to ten-thousand, you become an indentured slave to me for ten years.”

He grins and winks, adding. “You’ll get close, if you keep studying spells and not paying in. Your student is at 3,100, as I decided I’ll cover half the cost of the tome myself. She will still need a second spell tome. But if you two do all the work making it, and cover the costs yourself, it will cost you less. Also, make it smaller, only fifty pages instead of a hundred, it’ll cut the costs.”

Drake curls her lips down, squinting her eyes, then she brightens. Looking at Lenden, she asks, “Uncle, we’ve been working on spell research for you. How goes your progress?”

Lenden growls but answers. “The damn ‘fly’ spell almost beat me. I tried three iterations before I mastered it. It took me from Spring 5 to Spring 31 and three tries at it to master the beast, but I am now scribing a successful version into my tome. I’m almost done. I should be finished scribing it, in about four more hours. I’m going to try to create a ‘phantom steed’ next.”

Spring 41 Bear

Lenden finishes scribing his ‘fly’ spell today.

Memorizing the spell from the six pages in his tome, Lenden then walks out into his courtyard and casts the spell. Walking forward, with Drake and Melinda as witnesses, he starts to fly upwards. For ten minutes he flies around, then lands back in front of his two guests. “I think that is a success. That is what we can accomplish if we try.”

Drake smiles and casts the ‘levitate’, uttering the verbal component, “Dus”, while focusing on Melinda. Confident that Melinda is well within Drake’s weight limit, Drake lifts the girl twenty-feet into the air and leaves her there while she talks with Lenden.

Drake says, “Master Lenden, I choose to use the library on my time instead of the laboratory. I found some tomes that enlighten me on some of the art of artifice, and I am studying to manufacture an artifact to allow me to do this without having to cast a spell.”

Lenden is observing Melinda’s exasperation as she is looking for a way down, struggling not to panic.

Lenden tells Drake. “That is admirable, but expensive. Bring her down, you beast. You’re frightening the girl.”

Drake slowly lowers Melinda to the ground. “Okay, I’ll see how much the artifact costs and the process, but the learning is long and involved. I will have to make a suitable artifact when the time arrives. I think I’ll get one from Morgus Gem’s.” Melinda’s feet touch the ground and she sighs, clutching her chest. Her face is much paler than earlier.

Lenden nods, and he says, “I can give you two usury notes for five-hundred each when you go.”

Drake bows. “With your leave, thank you. I may take you up on that.”

Turning to Melinda, Drake smiles, and says, “Melinda, you’ll be fine. You were safe.”

They all go back to their business for the day.

Spring 49 Bear

Lenden begins the process of tome binding Melinda’s pages into her first cantrip tome. He is going to spend ten hours a day until he is finished with the project.

Spring 55 Bear

Lenden enters the laboratory with the completed tome. The tome is shiny and complete with its thick, specially cured, embossed oxen-hide cover and steel fixtures. The tome is sixteen-inches-by-twelve-inches-by-six-inches and weighs over fifteen pounds. It already has thirty-one cantrips scribed into seventy-three of its one-hundred pages.

Lenden stops in front of Melinda and presents the tome to her. He commands. “Take great care of this. It is worth ten-thousand Flairs … more coin then many nobles will see in ten years. If you lose or damage it, that is your loss, you still have to pay for it. Start preparing for a tome for your actual spells.”

Melinda smiles and presents a page of mage vellum. She says, “I finished scribing two pages with my first mage spell that I learnt. I now know the spell ‘Read Magic’. And Lanis and I continued making vellum after you started binding. We’ve made ten more pages already.”

Lenden bows, and smiling, he answers. “If you two continue making pages, I’ll buy them from you and so will other mages. I can teach you bookbinding and you can make tomes and sell them if you like. It’s lucrative, but time consuming.”

To be continued …

In the next episode 011, ‘Past’,

Drake has an issue crop up from her past. An old acquaintance finds her and causes issues.

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