One By One



Chapter Three

   Lena Bates was in a league of her own. She stood about five foot ten with smooth cocoa brown skin, and hair that hung down to her shoulders that she usually wore in curls. Her face was somewhat narrow with an oval shape that held a set of full lips. Her voice could be as soft as cotton when in good spirits but if riled up and angry her voice could be as loud as a freight train. When her buttons where pushed you would see a side of her that you didn't think existed. When this side of her came out, the best thing to do was stay clear of her and if you did come across her in these moments you would surely get a taste of my mama. She had a low tolerance for disrespect and didn't like to be played with.

   I noticed a man began to come around and as the weeks passed the visits grew. This man was of lighter skin like mine, had funny colored eyes, a thin build, broad shoulders and sandy colored hair. His name was Dean and he slowly eased his way into not only mama's life but my brother's and I as well. Coming to my grandmother's home pretending as if he cared for mama until me and Wayne finally gave in. Mama's face would light up with glee whenever he was around and he seemed to make her happy and seeing this made me happy. I looked at the situation as if we finally had a father figure in our lives and as there relationship began to grow, seemed as if my family grew smaller.

   One by one my aunts began moving away to the west coast, California. The first of my aunts that moved away was Aunt Tam. She was as sexy as the came and even though she had eight children it looked as if she has none. She had the classiest 70's swag that went perfect with her flat stomach and thin waistline. Whatever she wore seemed very stylish and to top off every outfit she had assorted colored wigs to match. It looked more like perfection. It seemed as if she were always dressed as if she had somewhere inmportant to be. My aunt had a very fancy look to her. 


   Not long after, my aunt Gee followed behind with her kids. She was tall like mama and even though she was a beauty, she was not to be toyed with. She wore her hair in many different styles but blonde was always the color with the prettiest brown skin and a voice that was as softr as a hummimg bird's whistle. whatever she wore looked stunning. From jeans, dresses, shorts and a tank top it always seemed to fit her perfectly. Aunt Gee and Tam always resembled on another to me and even though Gee is not the oldest of the bunch, she was still the bodyguard. Before I knew it she was gone.


   My Aunt Anne stayed another year in Tam's house and the she headed west. She was the youngest of them all and had the babyface to prove it. She had the face of a sweet young and innocent girl who was full of life. I remember her wearing her hair in a ponytail with bangs and she was a spitting image of my grandmother. She looked so much like her it could be breathtaking. She had one son named Maxus and him and Wayne were the same age. I looked around one day to find they were gone.


   What seemed to be a school yard full of children was now deserted. A quiet, abandoned place with something that I had been missing and yearning for, my family. It just wasn't the same without them. Just a huge naked space that had become filled with boatlaods of emptiness. The memories of playing baseball, jumprope, racing or hiding in bushes had become a thing of the past. It was like everthing came to a sudden pause. Running back and forth with children of all ages had become a thing of the past. A yard that became so empty, you could hear a leaf fall from a tree and hit the ground. I was just a kid with a broken heart but I still had my brother and we made the best of it with our imaginations running wild.




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