Can't People Read



A very short story that was done simply for the fun of it.

Crime has been on the rise all throughout our little town.  Most of my neighbors have been complaining a lot about the problem but none of them seem to know what to do.  True several have been the unfortunate victims of break-ins and one poor old man was even killed during a home invasion.  They have taken notice that the crime rate in our little community has gone down, a lot.

They don’t seem to wonder why the crime has gone down around us and I guess it’s best if no one ask too many question, you know the old ‘don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’ thing.  I personally don’t really like to talk about it.  When someone breaks into my home they will find me here and ready to defend myself and my home.

Of course this makes for a messy situation if you do have to protect yourself.  I mean it’s unlikely that once someone breaks in they will simply turn around and leave especially if the person confronting them is some old lady, so what do you do?

I just wish people would learn to read, it would save me so much time and energy if they did.  After all, I did post a sign.


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