Terror In The North Tower



St. Lore's hospital will never be the same again. This medical murder mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat.



It was towards the end of the day shift and everyone was scurrying about to finish their work so that they could give report and go home. Then the page came overhead, “Cor Zero, Five North, Room fifty-one twenty-two, Cor Zero, Five North Room fifty-one twenty-two.” As the code team pagers went off a rush of Doctors, Nurses and Respiratory Therapist rushed down the hallway, stairways and elevators to get to the room.
Inside they found a CNA trying to administer CPR. Once in the room she took over. She began to shout out, “I need some suction over here and we need someone to start chest compressions because I don’t have a pulse.” As the patient lay there on the bed lifeless other people began to arrive. Chest compressions were started, IV’s were hung, blood was drawn, and Blake was getting the intubation tray ready for Dr. Sloan. He was a dreamy 5’10” tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. A real catch for the ladies!

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