Homecoming lunch



This story is about a how a guy feels about his girlfriend during a lunch for the homecoming ceremony going on later that night



I hate myself for not having the guts to do what I should have done yesterday at lunch.


Veronica and I had lunch at an Italian restaurant. Violin music was playing the whole time.


Veronica looked at me, “What do you think my chances of homecoming queen will be tonight?”


“You will totally win tonight,” I said.


I honestly don’t want her to win tonight but of course she is going to. She is the most popular and prettiest girl at school. All of the girls at school fight to be her best friend. All of the guys hate me because they want to be dating her.


“Billy, you’re so sweet.”


Veronica’s phone rang to Pink’s “So What”.


She answered the phone, “Hello, Dionne. What’s up?”


How rude for Veronica to answer her phone in the middle of our lunch date. She always gets phone calls from everyone and answers them every time we go out on a date. She has no respect for me whatsoever.


I heard Dionne say through Veronica’s loud speakers on her phone, “Why are you having lunch with that loser boyfriend of yours? You can do so much better than him.”


Her friends do not like me at all. I get irritated every time I walk her to her classes because they giggle at me the whole time. I want to cry each time. They know that Veronica is way out of my league. They want her to date the star running back of the team. He bench pressed me with no injuries two years ago.


Veronica finally got off the phone.


“Billy, have you written our group paper for economics yet?”


“I haven’t yet.”


“You better decide quickly because I’m not going to miss being a college cheerleader this fall.”


“I will over the weekend.”


I wanted to slap her in the face. She has always been using me to do her schoolwork so she can maintain her exquisite social status since we started high school. She wants a high grade point average to go to an SEC school where she can be in a sorority and marry a rich fraternity guy who will make more in a day that my parents do in a year. She had very high test scores but refuses to apply herself on school assignments. I’m the one who has to bail her out each time.


We finished our chocolate and black cherry mousse cake. Veronica said, “Come on, we have to go to fourth period. Mr. Pritzell will give us an F if we skip his class.”


“Ok, I’m coming.”


“You better have money for me to get a latte before tonight’s game.”


“I do. Here you go.” I gave her the money and she put it in her purse.


Ugh! I hate how demanding she is. She treats me like an ATM machine and expects me to give her money each time she wants something. I’m the one who is supposed to be surprising her with money and gifts, but she takes me for granted. I’m tired of it.


“Move it, Billy.”


I hate how she yells at me like a dog. I’m a human being with feelings that get crushed easily.


Why haven’t I broken up with her yet?


I didn’t for several reasons. Today was her big day and I didn’t want to ruin it. I didn’t want everyone to hate me more than they already do. I didn’t want my parents to kill me for dumping her. Her parents are buddies with my parents and I didn’t want to destroy my parents friendship. They would have no social life if they weren’t friends with Veronica’s parents. I also did not want to look like an ass in front of her sister Michelle (which I really want to date). She treats me more like a human being than Veronica does. I hope Veronica dumps me soon, so I can ask Michelle out.

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