First Steps — a fragment



Short fragment from my novel 'First Steps'

Here is a short fragment from my novel 'First Steps', in search of the right agent/ publisher. In terms of recent political events, (at least for me) it takes on new meaning... I hope it will remain fiction, and only fiction! Italics are added here, to emphasis the point.


“I knew about Philadelphia,” said Azade, “of its famous Bell, and the Declaration of Independence, but New York was really a surprise!”

“You see,” said Bryan, “we should visit my Philadelphia too, and Washington, so many reasons for you to remain in the US.”

Azade smiled. She stood thinking for a while.

“It is not as simple as you say it,” she started. “First, I am a bit scared, for two reasons: one: the raising intolerance, because ‘owls are not always what they seem’, she quoted a TV show; two: I am a little overwhelmed by this country’s dimensions. I constantly have the impression that at one point that certain something that holds it together will no longer exist. And this thought scares me...”



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