It Comes(Part 9) On The Run Again (Part 2)



The next part in my short horror story

"Shit!" Charlie mumbled "It's here. I knew I shouldn't have spent all that time in the warehouse. DAMMIT!!" But I couldn't just leave Brady there could I? Charlie thought to himself. His mind was racing now with thoughts of Brady turning to dust. Like a vampire in the morning sunlight. Part of him wished he left him there to fend for himself. He didn't know this guy, and he was a dead man anyway. And yet the other part of him said "This is not the type of person you are, Charlie. You are a decent man and you know you should do the right thing."

Well, he decided to stay, and now here he is running for his life again. He was running fast, not sure exactly where the beast was coming from, but he was running and he didn't care. As long as he kept moving. 

The beast growled again, but closer this time. "Fuck!" Charlie mumbled "That bitch really wants me dead." His heart was racing, he was sweating, and his legs felt like jello, but Charlie pushed on. Off in the distance, Charlie heard the low rumble of thunder. "Great," He muttered "as if my situation wasn't bad enough."

Charlie stopped for a moment. His breath was coming hard and fast. He honestly didn't know how much longer he could keep this up. He was getting frustrated. The frustration turned to anger. Angry at this monster that's got him on the run. Angry at himself for staying at the warehouse so long. Most of all, angry at that bitch who summoned this creature of darkness upon him.

It started to rain. It felt cool on Charlie's skin. It felt good. It felt, to Charlie, like it could wash away all of his troubles. Then he snapped out of it. Get real, Charlie. He thought. It's just rain. It's just water. It can't wash away your troubles. It can't wash away the fact that you cheated that old gypsy woman out of twenty five thousand dollars. It can't wash away this beast that's chasing you like a rabid dog. It just can't. Can it???

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