Journals of a Psychopath



What will happen to Taylor? Nothing good!


Merging with Smithson, we waited for the cops to leave Taylor's yard, they promised her they would stop by every so often. She came out and we dived before her, Taylor endeavored to scream, but I clamped my hand over her mouth.
      “The tattoo on your arm why did you have it engraved?”
Taylor's vista loops zoomed and rested on us.
      “I do not really know.”
Pushing Taylor into her house and then the kitchen, stroking the design on her skin, the sight was bizarre, she mumbled it was inaudible.
      “Speak up.”
A teardrop slid from her viewing-disks corresponding to the morning dew in the summertime.
“Please let me live? I will not tell anyone about you.”
Leaping into the air and Smithson landed on the carpet.
      “Your sidekick is misbehaving,” she said.
      “He is equal to me and he is Smithson the flawless, we are ruthless, and are the auguries.”
Taylor ran into the other room, Smithson jogged to her, he brought Taylor back, she wrestled with him. Smithson thumped her, she fell back, a lump formed on her chin, and Taylor was subdued.
      “The Trees will not be pleased you struck her,” I said.
Blindfolding Taylor with the sash, I stuffed the gag into her mouth. Trailing down the alleys and the backyards Smithson was enlivened.
      “We will please the Trees and the Darkest-One,” he said.
Laboring to keep up with us Taylor stumbled and fell to the dirt, jerking her, we maintained a swift march, and Taylor’s feet scuffed the snow.

The Shrine

      “This is the haven,” I said.
The Lady Flarice's dwelling was unlit, it was a sign she was ingesting her elixir. Taking Lady Flarice to oblivion, the liquor assisted my quest to obtain power over her. Igniting the ebony candles and Taylor became aware of the environment. I removed the gag.
      “Please let me go?”
      “You know I will not free you.”
Taylor plunged onto her knees with grief and she wailed a tad too much. She inspected, as I opened the significant-freezer, and seeing the ears she screamed.
      “Your ear will join these beauties.”
Taylor screeched and Smithson placed his hand over her mouth, she struggled, Smithson did not strike her that time.

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