Awake-The Sleeping Giant -Prologue Pt 1 (Sci-Fi Trilogy)



In 2165 Earth is a changed place where the seeds of corporate greed and government control have grown into a society where power, money, and control are kept with the few. Pollution has caused destabilization of the planet causing deadly quakes. Hopes for the future rest with a select group teens.

~Prologue ~

 Antarctic Research Center (ARC)
Year 2149


            Zura whipped her chair around almost causing herself to fall out. A flash of bright gold, like a small burst of brilliant sunlight, coming from behind caught her eye, startling her. She couldn’t imagine what the source of the disturbance might be. She was alone in the research and observation center until that point. Johan was leading the engineers and not many people wanted to risk interrupting her these days, unless they had a good reason.

            Zura looked at what initially appeared as just a flash. Upon closer inspection, it was actually a glowing and pulsing ball of light. She’d heard of these strange energetic anomalies before but had never seen one herself. They came in the form of a ball of light, pure energy, and the only thing that it could carry was pure energy and vibration. This light carried sound, a message for her.

            She went to reach for it and the orb. As the orb sensed Zura’s energy approaching it began to vibrate and release the message. “The two are one, daughter, son. Protect and nurture them in their gifts and abilities. They are special and unique, but do not fear, their purpose will be clear. You are all here to help save the world.”

            As the words ended the ball of light immediately vanished into thin air, not a trace of light remaining. She stretched her fingers out to touch where the ball had been. She could feel an intense vibration in her fingertips. The vibration burrowed through her hands and up her arms, sending shivers through her body. The intensity of the vibrations grew stronger as they centered around her abdomen before becoming a tingle and disappearing. Then the vibration in the air was gone, evaporating with the light. She then reached down and felt her stomach. She stood there as time stood still, holding her stomach. Afraid and shocked.

            A beeping sound brought Zura back from her daze. It was her watch. She stopped the beeping and swayed on her swollen ankles and legs towards her chair. It was Johan. He would have to wait. She plopped back into her seat with a thud and tried to quickly jot down what she’d just heard. It had all happened so fast, but she’d gotten the idea. She checked to see if the recording system had picked up what had happened.

            At the same time, she wondered what it meant, and whether to get Johan and tell him. Would he even believe her? She sat there in silence as she watched the playback. The sound had gone out completely but you could see the flash of energy. What she’d seen as a bright golden ball showed up like a bright orb on the screen, looking like something was wrong with the video quality, but that was all. It wasn’t anything identifiable, provable. It wouldn’t hold up to Johan’s scientific inquiry. She would have to keep it to herself.


Authors Note: 

I'll share second half of prologue in separate submission in the next day.

I would love to hear your feedback on the start of the first book of the trilogy I am currently writing.  And if you love it and comment with your thoughts on this piece, I'd be happy to do the same for you (just ask).

I am on the second half of the 3rd book.  I'll likely share at least the first 3 chapters here for input. 

Your comments and loves are greatly appreciated.

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