'One more won't hurt: 'Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll'



Short story involving one character spiking another characters drink.

‘It’s just one hit, it’ll loosen her up for sure. You’ve taken four at a time before and you’re still standin’!’

‘What? Al?! When was that?’

‘A few weeks back, don’t you remember? Ah, you might not, you were smashed! Out of your mind! You didn’t even know your name. Max…Remember that tonight, ‘kay?’ 

‘Oh. Must’ve worked then! Heh. I’ll take two. Pop one in her drink now, and again in a few hours. One more won’t hurt, right?’

‘Right! Oh put your money away, these are on the house!’

A puzzled look spread across Max’s face

‘Don’t worry, just go have a good night out, you’ve earned it!’ Al chuckled. 

‘Cheers mate, I owe ya’ Max said, grabbing the tabs and bustling through the busy club towards the bar. Reaching it, he whistled at the barmaid

‘Beer and a vodka cranberry darling’

She rolled her eyes and replied

‘Right away sir’ She placed the drinks in front of him and immediately recognised his face ‘Oh, it’s you! That’ll be …’

‘Here, have a twenty and keep the change sweet.’

‘Oh. Umm, Thanks’ she blushed.

‘No. Thank you’ Max purred and gave her a cheeky wink before heading over to a dark corner. In one hand he held the beer and vodka cranberry, in the other he pulled out one of the tabs and dropped it into the blood red liquid. He waited a few minutes until it fizzed out. He then continued back to his booth above the dance floor where an attractive young red head waited. 

‘Sorry about that, you’d think being famous would get me served faster!’

‘No worries’ She smiled alluringly. ‘Oh, a vodka cranberry, that’s yours right?’

His dazzling face dropped.

‘Uhh. Umm. I. Err. ’

‘Oh I’m kidding, lighten up!’ She grabs the drink and takes a sip. ‘Thought you rock stars could take a joke?’ She laughs as she flicks her hair behind her shoulders.

‘You’re thinking of comedians’ He responded. They both laughed and continued to drink and chat. 


The music throbs through their heads; the bright lights below them highlight the sweaty dancers below. Max looks back to his date; her red lipstick and mascara melting in the heat of the nightclub air, her hair sticking to her face. Her blue eyes glazed over, staring straight through him but her lips still curved upwards. A slight dribble of saliva trickled from the corner of her mouth. 

‘Are you alright?’ Max asked, sobering up at the sight of her uneasy expression. 

‘Mmmm’ She nodded, more saliva dribbling from both corners of her mouth.

‘I think you’ve got a bit of…’ Max said, pointing to his own mouth.

‘Mmm?’ She takes her left hand and passes it over her mouth, smudging her bright red lipstick across the right side of her face

‘Mmmm?’ She asked 

‘Umm, yes?!’ Max agreed, looking at the mess of this woman.  He wondered how he must have looked the other week. Al said I had taken four of these things; I must have been a mess!

Slowly she got up and started to climb onto Max, her sweaty body staining parts of his clothes.  Apparently yes had meant something else to this girl as she began to tug at the belt on his trousers.

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