It Waits



A very short story about fear.

I felt you.  You are there.  Whatever you are, you have managed to penetrate my protective barrier of clothing and invaded one of my two holy of holy places hovering between the inside material of my bra and my flesh.

I feel your every tiny movement.  Each breath you take causes your body to press against mine.  What are you?  What six or eight legged little demon are you.  I’m afraid to seek you out knowing that I must.  Again you move.  You’re waiting.

My hand lightly brushes against the outside of where you sit waiting to do me harm.  I feel the hard shell of your form.  Wait.  Oh shit I forgot that I pulled my damn earpiece out while I was outside and didn’t have a pocket and slipped it in the only place I had to keep from laying the damn thing down and losing it.  Damn.  

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