In the Beginning ....



In the beginning mankind enjoyed freedom. Only there was always going to be someone, somewhere who wanted to end that freedom. But no one knew that, one day, those that detested freedom would control mankind. Freedom becoming a thing of the past, until no one alive knew it ever existed.

In the 21st century most of mankind enjoyed the luxury of freedom. That freedom giving them their own minds, allowing them to choose their own destination, their own way of life.

Then it was gone, almost in the blink of an eye as freedom was taken from all mankind in a war that saw billions of people slaughtered in a war that no man had ever seen the likes of before.

The enemy that fought to take freedom from mankind having already infiltrated their enemies countries decades before the call to war. Millions of Gods soldiers, Mujahideen's, seemingly enjoying their lives in the country of their enemies. Their patience impeccable as they waited for the call to Jihad. All having prepared for their day of judgement as they spread throughout the lands, many settling in positions of power, politicians, businessmen, even Presidents, all waiting for words they knew would, one day, come.

Their patience finally rewarded as the call to Jihad came. All the Mujahideen's who had waited for years, decades even, finally hearing the words they longed for.

That call coming in a seemingly harmless News broadcast. The announcement of a vote that would affect many countries. This announcement, unbeknown to many, was the call to Jihad that all of Allah's soldiers, all Mujahideen's, were waiting for. All waiting for those few words to be spoken.

Those few words beginning of a war that would see the slaughter of billions. People butchered where they stood, men, women and children brutalised, then slaughtered. People burnt in their homes, those that fled the flames executed where they stood. Millions massacred on the streets. No country left unaffected as the Mujahideen's spread throughout the world, leaving a trail of blood in their wake.

Those that survived becoming slaves to those deemed messengers from God, their Allamah's, who controlled mankind throughout the world with a fist of iron, using terror to force people to choose, either worship the one God or feel the sword of Allah across their throat. Many choosing to worship the one God. Those that chose not too having their throats slit, slaughtering them with one swipe of a sword.

Hundred of thousands continued dying, even after the world had fallen. The Jihad having taken hold of mankind, continuing the rip civilisation apart. Leaving no hope for those that survived the brutality, their children's children knowing only of fear, generation after generation throughout the world soon forgetting that freedom ever existed.

Only the Jihad had not taken all the people. Some people had fled the battles, knowing that the world was lost. These people heading to higher ground, hoping to return one day to fight to bring freedom back to those that were slaves, those that knew only of a life of hell, of fear, of horror. These free people, freedom fighters, battling hard to help the world Ascend from the Ashes.

The fight to bring freedom back to humanity goes on, ever growing groups of freedom fighters giving their lives so that others could live. Free people spreading themselves throughout the world all waiting for the day that they would rise. The day when they would all help bring freedom back to all.


Can a small group of fighters bring freedom back to mankind? can they defeat the evil that controls the people of the world?

Can they repeat history as they spread themselves in order to help the world Ascend from the Ashes? or is the world destined to enslave people for all eternity?

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