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to some people even paradise is a prison.



DC Alternate – The Justice Society: Four Seasons

Volume 1  “Autumn”

Chapter 3 – Eria

   When Phillipus brought in the male patient Eria could barely believe her own eyes.  It had been so long since she had seen one, not since the fiasco with Herakles and Theseus.  For many years she wished she had left with Antiope and her group when they left.  She would likely have been in the outside world maybe doing something important rather than just existing on the island.  Paradise? Some joke.  It was amazing how much contact made her crave the outside world again.  Maybe working on the Isle of Healing could provide her with a way off the island.  Now she had the man’s personal items in front of her.  Going through it was easy enough; the healers were far more interested in ensuring he would live.  Paradise Island might be forbidden from him but they wouldn’t just allow him to die.
   It was in one of the pockets of the outfit that she found a folded-up map detailing lands and islands she hadn’t heard of and didn’t look familiar to her.  The language wasn’t much help either but perhaps she could still use it.  There was a line from the mainland past several islands and ending in the middle of the ocean.  Perhaps this was the path the man took in his metal bird that combined with the path he took flying by the city and she might have a way off the island.
   She was able to slip the map into her outfit while everyone’s focus was on the man.  She didn’t even have to rely on her old memories of her home village before she died and was turned into a clay statue and then reborn.  Paradise Island was wonderful for so long after they first arrived.  She never anticipated what it would mean to live for so long.  She and her sisters had long explored the island and explored every type of job they could think of.   They had a duty which they owed to the goddesses for giving them another chance.  Every now and then she could feel that other life creeping in.  She could still feel the cold of her homeland again far to the north of where most of the Amazons, even climbing the mountains wasn’t the same.
   Some nights when she slept she could feel the snow around her and feel the hunger she felt when she was thrown out of her parent’s cabin.  She went to her uncle’s place thinking she would find shelter.  That one trip turned out to be her last mistake.  Food had been short that winter and at the time she thought she would be lucky enough to make it to the spring, she didn’t even last a single night.  She warmed herself by the fireplace when her uncle brought her something to drink.  It warmed her but the first sip made her body feel strange, sluggish.  She struggled to not spill the cup she had been given but watched as her hands drifted downward out of her control releasing the cup spilling it over the bear skin rugs.  She could still see but nothing worked, she couldn’t even feel her own body.  She didn’t feel the knife or anything else her uncle did to her, next she knew she was standing beside her uncle looking down on herself.   Her uncle did not starve that winter.  When spring came he was the only one left from their small village.  She could see them all one by one her neighbors dissipated leaving her behind, a memory.  It was years later when Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt appeared before her.  She had come north for some reason trailed by another spirit, Nadyuiska.
   Artemis freed them from the place they haunted leading them to the shores of Athens where they entered the waters.  The next thing they remembered was swimming to the surface, Nadyuiska even slowed down to stay with her on the swim up.   I was her first time in the water; her homeland only had a stream that ran by it, not large enough for much swimming and most of the time far too cold.  When she reached the surface again and breathed in air she found herself crying.  Each and every amazon reacted the same way.  A lung full of sweet air after years of wandering around the world as an after image, a phantasm with no ability to feel anything could do that to you.
   With the map hidden she joined her friend in the room where the man slept.  They weren’t allowed to use the purple ray on him but they had other effective ways to heal his injuries.  They might not be as advanced but they would certainly work.   Her friend was already applying the crushed petals of one of the islands unique flowers, Terpsikhore’s bells.
   “It’s been so long and they haven’t really changed that much have they?  Always interfering in places they shouldn’t be.” Nadyuiska didn’t look up from where she was applying the paste she created along the edges of the man’s injuries before covering it with new bandages.
   “I don’t understand why the harpies attacked him, that isn’t like them.  They can be aggressive if you invade their nests but they actively went after him like they were ordered to.  If I didn’t know better I would say that someone wanted him to crash on this island, like Diana who crashed here in a similar metal bird before the Goddesses gave us Princess Diana.”
   “How long before more start appearing like this?  Does this mean also that we can get out of here? Maybe we can explore how much this world has changed while we’ve been.”
   Eria hugged her friend from behind looking over her shoulder at the mortal man lying unconscious.  She was kind of happy that her friend was already thinking along that path, it would be easier to convince her to escape the island as well.  Two people would have a far easier time navigating the waters than one, especially since Nadyuiska knew already how to sail before she came to Paradise Island.  The Amazons could sail around the island and have done so frequently but it would be completely different on open waters outside the enchantment zone.  Her mind was already working through the equation.  There was a boat they could use that could easily outsail the Trireme and not even the oars would allow the larger ships to get enough speed to catch them.  She built the ship with her sisters while they were experimenting with new ways to sail, which did not go over so well given how much use they could get from the vessel, which was little to none.
   The boat, however, would and should work well in the waters where apparently the island was and they could estimate how much provisions needed to get to the closest island.  If mortals were getting around in large metal birds then they probably had better ways of transportation out there as well. Eria knew that when the Goddesses recreated them they were far stronger than they used to be, far stronger than the biggest warrior she had ever seen before she died, her uncle.  If she could run into him as she was now she could easily break him in half.  With this strength, they could certainly survive in whatever world that had developed around their hidden island.
   Another Amazon poked her head into the room. “Nadyuiska, the Queen has an announcement; I’m going over to the mainland to hear it.  Be careful with this man, we both know how tricky they are.”  She waved at Eria then was off.
   “You’ve caused a lot of trouble little one” Era looked down at the man lying there. “but I’ll forgive you if you can help us get off this island.”


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