From the 1st book, Amun travels to Earth, 3 months earlier



Amun and his crew journey to Earth, 3 months earlier

Time and date settings, astronomical mappings, and personnel locations were reset on devices and equipment as soon as they exited the time bubble.  Now, at June, three months earlier, Amun knew that Batresh would not yet be at the 20th century. She was still at 3800 BCE with their Matriarch. He estimated the Tlalocs would not have arrived yet.  He hoped.

   They made their way to the ship waiting at the pad. Walking into the tube he felt artificial gravity drop off. Magnetic shoes activated. As they approached, chairs swivelled around. Amun sighed, knowing the earlier version of himself at Terra now, would likely detect their arrival. Taharqo and Ptah would cover for him. He noted with irony, both versions would be scanning the skies for intrusions.  Thankfully, the earlier version of himself would be looking for Potacas, not another Tayamni ship. Amun placed his hand in the reader, transparent coverings closed, and the craft silently lifted off. Turning away from the station, the vessel sped towards Terra.

Amun selected a cavern near the edge of the caldera where they could work undetected. They would descend through darkness of night. He directed systems to refrain from sending data to other Tayamni vessels so that they would remain undetected. They must minimize the chance of anomalies.

“Do we have 20th century clothing?” Taharqo asked, knowing they would arrive within an hour.

Amun nodded, as Ptah reached into his equipment bag. “We will set up inside a cavern at the edge of the caldera. We will be 40 miles from my earlier team. But, they will probably detect us,” Amun offered.

Taharqo looked at the console in front of him thoughtfully, “We may not be able to prevent the Tlalocs from causing the caldera to erupt early, but we can delay them.”

Ptah looked at both companions and responded, “We’d better be scanning. They might be there already.”

Amun nodded. “Erish enhanced our weapons.” They both looked at him. He continued, “The weapons deliver a blast of cold, causing molecules to move slowly, lowering the temperature of the target.”

Ptah looked at him with curiosity.

“The Tlalocs are reptilian, if their temperature is lowered, they cannot function,” Amun responded.

Taharqo nodded.

“She has an untried weapon she hopes can lower the temperature of an entire vessel,” Amun added.

“Untried?” Ptah asked.

“She was able to test the weapon designed for organic creatures,” he looked down, “It worked as hoped.”

“When did she use this weapon?” Taharqo asked.

“At the riot in Mississippi,” Amun answered. “Be cautious. Activate your shields. If they are here, they have a weapon that can disintegrate your nervous system. Namazu was hit, she is at Lunar Station now. Her shields only weakened the blast.”

Ptah looked at Amun with concern. Taharqo looked down and shook his head. Then, looking up, he saw a beautiful, blue dot, Earth, shining like a star in the distance.  

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