Naruto Alternate Vol: 1 The Girl with Two Names: Chapter 5



The new Genin are placed into teams. Miku and her close friend Hinata are placed on Team Kakashi.

                                                           Volume 1: The Girl with Two Names

                                                                      Chapter 5: Team Kakashi


     It was their first time back to the Academy since their graduation, and also Iruka Umino’s first day returning from being poisoned by rogue ninja. His time with the Inuzuka clan had certainly started enough rumors especially among the girls, Hana was interested in him. He could even hear giggles behind hands as he entered the classroom. At least only part of the room was interested in the gossip.

     “Welcome back. Now that you have graduated from the Academy you will now be assigned to three –man cells under the leadership of a Jonin who will continue your education. While under these teams you will be taking on official assignments for the benefit of the village so do your best.” Around the room, the thoughts varied.

     Sasuke Uchiha, looked over folded hands, a dull headache only receding when Iruka took control of the class. It was annoying to have to put up with the girls in this class, was romance the only thing they thought about? He swore that if he had to listen to Sakura or Ino any longer he might prefer a kunai to the brain. Three man team? Those other two will certainly get in the way; please don’t team me up with a twighead.

     Next to Sasuke Sakura Haruno squealed inwardly. Please team me up with Sasuke, please team me up with Sasuke, the pink haired teen thought over and over in a chant.

     “It would be neat if we could be on a team with Ino” Hinata spoke up as they listened to Iruka lectured on the history of the three man teams.

     “I’ll probably be on a team with Shikamaru and Choji. I overheard my dad talk about the history of that team and well history seems to be the most important consideration.” Deep down she wished it had been a four man team. She could be on a team with her sister, Hinata and Sasuke then.

     “okay.. team seven will be Hyuga Hinata…. Yamanaka Miku.” The two girls squealed and hugged almost missing the third member of their team.

     Iruka sensei paused allowing the two to calm down again, “… and Uchiha Sasuke.”

     A collective groan escaped the lips of nearly every girl in the room, and a sigh of relief from Sasuke himself. He had lucked out, he was certain there would be a kunoichi on his team and that had worried him. They would undoubtedly be more interested in romance than they would in training. That there would be Kunoichi on his team would be unbearable, but in that too he lucked out. Somehow he managed to be on a team with the only two Kunoichi who seemed to pay absolutely no attention to him.

     Ino could have cried when she heard the members of the team and a quick glance to Sakura showed the same look she was sure she had. Both wanted to be on Sasuke’s team and both would have been crushed if the other had been on his team but she had not. Ino was sure she wouldn’t be on Sasuke’s team, but a girl could dream. Then a thought came to her, if Miku was on Sasuke’s team then she would run into him when he visited to check up on his teammate. This wasn’t so bad after all.

     “Team eight will be Haruno Sakura… Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino.”

     Sakura could feel the world tilt around her as she listened to the team she would be on. She didn’t know too much about Shino, he seemed to be the quiet type although maybe a bit weird. Kiba, however, was another matter. She thought the puppy he always had around with him was cute but Kiba himself was annoying.

     “Finally team nine will be Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Choji”


     In the Hokage’s office another meeting was taking place with the Jonin team leaders. Each of the members seemed to take their new mission well, but there might be a problem with Kakashi’s team. He had the toughest job among them. Keeping an eye on Miku and making sure that the nine-tails seal didn’t break. Miku, however, wasn’t the only problem with the team as he also had Sasuke as well. Perhaps Kakashi’s history would make it easier to handle the surviving Uchiha clan member and perhaps tame down his need for vengeance, that wasn’t as dangerous as nine-tails but it could still turn into a disaster. It was for that reason they included Hinata in the group. Had the situation been different he might have assigned Hinata to Kurenai’s team. The Genjitsu training she would have received there would have been a benefit, but Miku needed someone on her team she could feel close to. Ino would have been another choice but that would have thrown off the Ino-Shika-Cho history. The tradition was too important to the leaf village to casually abandon such a team.

     As the Jonin filed out he held back Kakashi, there would be quite a bit to discuss with him before he could join his team.


     It had been several minutes since the last student left with their team leader and team seven still waited in the classroom. A full thirty minutes later the door finally opened and in walked a Jonin wearing the traditional uniform, but with his head gear pulled downward across the left side of his face covering his left eye.

     “ah still here, since the classroom is empty why don’t we use it for introductions.” Kakashi Hatake spoke as he made his way to the front of the class. Hinata and Miku still sat in their assigned seats some distance from Sasuke. Perhaps teamwork might be a bit of a challenge. “My name is Hatake Kakashi… and we’ll start with getting to know each other. Your dreams your hobbies and ambitions, that sort of thing.”

     “Why don’t you start then?” Miku spoke up. “We don’t really know anything about you Kakashi-Sensei.”

     “Well, I’m the type of person who really doesn’t like to talk about my likes or dislikes… or my dreams for that matter.” Kakashi cupped his chin in his right hand as if he were thinking about some distant past. “As for hobbies… I have many.”

     Which told us nothing other than your name, Sasuke thought to himself as he watched the scene. This team is really going to be a drag on my plans.

     “Well, lets continue with you starting from the left.” Kakashi turned his attention towards Hinata.

     “My name is Hyuga Hinata. My hobbies are pressing flowers with Miku. My Ambition and dream are to make my father proud and to lead the Hyuga clan into a better future.”

     “My name is Yamanaka Miku. My hobbies are pressing flowers with Hinata and working in my parent's flower shop. My dream is to be the first Kunoichi Hokage.” Kakashi noticed how she kept the Yamanaka name. The Hokage had already informed him that she knew about her true heritage. Of course, it would be logical to keep it a secret given who her parents were and the secret she still kept about the nine-tails. How would the village react if they knew that one of the Yamanaka girls had that beast sealed inside her?

     “My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are plenty of things I hate, but I don’t see the point in listing them all since there are few things I really like. Dreams are really pointless, but I do have a goal. To restore my clan and kill the person who destroyed it.”

     Miku and Hinata looked over at Sasuke somewhat stunned and more than a bit worried especially given Ino’s crush on Sasuke. What would she think if she found out how gloomy this guy’s dreams were? No doubt she would think she could help him. Miku wondered if that was how she might have turned out had the Yamanaka clan not adopted her. Would she be as bitter as Sasuke? Well, she was just a baby when her birth parents passed away so she really didn’t know them at all, for Sasuke it was different. Five years had passed since his older brother Itachi had single-handedly wiped out the Uchiha clan. To this day she didn’t understand what drove Itachi to do it.

     She remembered seeing him when she and Ino were four years old and trying to help their mother in the shop. Itachi had come into the shop looking for flowers for his mother and Miku and Ino with their four-year-old energy lead him around the store pointing out several pretty flowers. She remembered Itachi patting her on the head as if she were a little kitten and not a girl.


     I suspected as much, Kakashi thought to himself as he listed to Sasuke’s introduction. He supposed he shouldn’t be surprised; the massacre of the Uchiha clan was a traumatic event. Perhaps with training and time, he could refocus Sasuke’s more dangerous tendencies.

     “Before we begin to take missions we have one final test… of the twenty-seven students who passed only nine will actually continue on to become Genin. The others will receive training until they are ready to join a team or be washed out of the program. This test… is a survival exercise. Show up tomorrow morning early, and you might want to skip breakfast. Odds are losing it before lunch will just wear you out faster.” Kakashi walked over handing sheets of paper to Hinata. “The exercise is on this paper. Make sure to familiarize yourself with it and be ready tomorrow.


     Inoichi Yamanaka returned home late that night as he had ever since someone assassinated Mizuki. The plan was working so far, but it was taking time to transfer the scrolls and replace them with often blank or trapped duplicates. It felt like a surrender, with the defenses of not just the village but the intelligence division being conquered twice now in such a short time. He returned home to see the girls training with Fu another member of their clan but also a member of Anbu. He was training the two girls in the Yamanaka Park, not in the center of their block of Konohagakure, usually reserved for the clan itself although some members of the Nara and Akimichi clan frequented it. Shikamaru, in particular, would come here with Choji to watch the clouds drift by. He had to admit it was a peaceful place for such an activity. Guilt did drag at him if they weren’t duplicating the intelligence division and laying a potential trap for Orochimaru he would have been here training his daughters in his clan’s techniques.

     He had already met with Asuma Sarutobi the leader of Ino’s team and Kakashi Hatake, Miku’s team leader. He hoped that both of the girls would be ready for tomorrow. He already had heard about Kakashi’s record for trainees and knew that Miku would have a struggle. In all the times that Kakashi had been assigned to a team, he had never once passed a single member. He had faith in Miku and Hinata.


     Miku wasn’t sure when she fell asleep that night. She just remembered rain falling on her and looking up at the sky. She was in pain and could faintly see the statues of the first Hokage and the head of the Uchiha clan looming over her. She turned her head looking towards steps to see … Sasuke?


     She sat up from her bed in a start scanning the room. What? A dream? What was going on? It was morning already, but that dream was strange. She could have sworn she could feel the rain falling on her and she felt a great sorrow.

     She sat at the breakfast table where her father was enjoying his tea. She didn’t want to eat anything like Kakashi had suggested but something was bothering her. Ino had already left for her test with Asuma and she really needed to go, but it seemed important.

     “Poppa… if I had a vision of the future rather than a dream how would I know the difference?”

     The question stunned Inoichi for a bit wondering if this had to do with the nine tails again. Listening to Miku, he knew something was up. Mirrors made of ice, a fight at the Valley of the End, Sand swirling around team seven, Sakura fighting a kid with bushy eyebrows and more. The kid with bushy eyebrows sounded a lot like Rock Lee from Guy’s team… could she see the chunin exams? He knew that the Hokage was planning for it in the near future but it seemed strange. He knew from the description of the room that Miku gave that it was in the tower at the center of the forest of death. “you had best go meet up with Kakashi, I’ll take a look into this. For now, do not worry about it just think of it as a dream. If you don’t you won’t be able to focus on your training.”


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