Hi guys I am trying to write a history, but I'm not good to tell anything, but I am practicing it. So I'm here to ask your help to know if I have doing right or not. Please read the text below let me know if the point is good and I gonna show you other parts.

The history is about a crime in a quiet neighborhood of Charlotte suburb in North Carolina, Dilworth, a young 26 year old is accused of killing his parents by reason of receiving the insurance money, a high amount of money. The only crime witnesses are his brothers, a 14-year-old boy and a girl of almost 04 years. Not having money to pay for the costs of defending the government appointed a lawyer, Joshua Gibson a man of 60, who is trying to resurrect his career after years battling alcoholism and a failed marriage. Joshua is faced with an almost hopeless case, a relentless prosecutor and a suspect takes his crime, but hides a secret that could change the course of the trial.


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