Tiddley Pump and the evil jelly.



Taken from "tales of Hickety Plop." Picture book series.



 it was six minutes past forty to three,

And Tiddley Pump felt extremely hungry. 
A rumbling noise came out from his belly,
So he decided to make a bright purple jelly.
He mixed it all up in a shiny glass bowl,
Opened the fridge and placed it steady, 
And waited some time until it was ready.
He licked his lips as he then took it out,
But to his surprise the jelly jumped out
And with a thunderous voice it started to shout.
"My name is Blobbet and as you can see,
I'm a wickedly,  wobbly, evil jelly.
Go fetch me a crown as I'm mighty and regal,
I'll make you do maths and make smiling illegal."
Tiddley was shocked as he stared at the jelly,
It was making demands but should be in his belly.
Blobbet was pulling a devilish face
And started to throw things all over the place.
Tiddley was starting to feel quite flustered, 
And wished instead that he'd mixed up some custard.
Blobbet then went to the kitchen table,
And gave it a kick as hard as was able,
But just by chance he'd not noticed there,
A bowl full of fruit that flew in the air.
It bounced straight off the kitchen light,
And sped back to earth with the jelly in sight.
Then all of a sudden, with one giant splat,
Blobbet was squashed all over the mat.
So the fruit saved the day and we all can rejoice, 
And if you want a snack make a healthier choice,
It was just random luck that the jelly was stopped,
As it could have ran riot round Hickety Plop.
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