The rough life



Hello this is just a story of a poor man who Finally finds Freedom or does he ? Written around 7 years ago by Tammy jeffers Wells

Theres a Tramp in Town always begging for money .

He smells terrible holes in his clothes and everything 

I would hate to be him .

Every time I see him he is either bare foot or has got plastic bags on his feet

But his hat is always full of money pound coins aswell 

His hair is full of grease not even a chip pan is that dirty 

He really  does need some sort of help 

"Have you got any change "

That's all I hear off him poor thing 

I bet if I went to town now he would be stood in the same spot 

Outside the houses of Parliament asking people for money .

At the end of the day around 6pm the man will leave the same spot he's been standing in all day 

Not Returning till the morning wearing the same old clothes begging for money 

Started to bother me when I started thinking why is this tramps hat so full of money everyday 

But he can't even buy a new pair of shoes 


Then it was only the other day when I went to town 

I saw the tramp talking to an important lady Looked liked some sort of government member 

This took me by total surprise 

How has a dirty tramp got talking  to a rich woman like that ?


I had to get closer to make sure I wasn't seeing things but I wasn't 

He gave her some sort of paper from what I could see

Anyway a week later as I was watching the news 

There was a very interesting story 

Coincidentally it was involving that same tramp I see almost everyday when  I go into town.


It turned out he Murdered that important lady I saw him talking to the other day 


There was her face on the news .

I was thinking "what a waste" the Lady was so pretty .

The reporter was saying the tramp had gone crazy he couldn't take it anymore 

His wife had stolen all his money .

He used to be a billionaire until he made shares with his wife and she completely cleared his account .

Taking everything he had .

Although this lady was a respected member of Parliament herself she made her husband go out everyday wearing old rags so he can go out and earn money for them both .

She told him she doesn't get enough money from working 9-5 and living on benefits .


This lady was a highly respected member of Parliament .


But it gets worse.

The lady was stealing money from the government in under cover operations which the police found out about and have seized there 60million pound mansion that they lived in.

They have taken away all monies and profits from her bank account.

Which had her husbands money in too.


Now he has nothing left and she's dead .


But he's saying to himself prison is a nice place at least I get a guaranteed meal every night  without having to work or beg for it anymore .

I committed my crime sadly there is no remorse prison is my freedom

I thank the judge for giving me life .






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