Blue Sand



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Sweating heavily and clenching her teeth, as the burning agony tears her pelvis , cladding it with a blazing iron rein. She was violently shaking and fiercely trembling throwing away those trying to seize her, uselessly; and through such successive sessions of that grinding dizziness, her limbs clashed each other  letting out a loud yell that blew resonantly and robustly everywhere. flipping Her eyes upward while whirling in every direction; her curly hair sticking to her anguished , venom- twisted face. Her lower lip was profoundly torn and bleeding vividly like an amputee artery in an inexhaustible stream. her neck was convulsing While her veins were bulging as if they would breach her haggard skin; her piercing weep denoted a human being with ferocious creatures bullying inside her viscera. a slashing sharp blade crumbling his veins, colliding with his bones to smash and crush it with a bloody deafening clang. The constant flood of accoucheuses, physicians, witches, and those who burn incenses never succeeded in getting that critter out of her, strongly clutching to her; and she could not bring it out. while everything was hanging outward as a ruddy pile of tender meat darkens in bluish tinge, its green bulging veins were seeping blood in consecutive viscous dribbles blended with a thick mucus. a Long time passed ever since but in vain and logorrhea, except for what was reported from an old sage,  it was said, he heard about her and decided to offer his services. That instance appeared to him as a perfect opportunity to prove his skills decisively, so he visited her and stopping at the door. No sooner nipped by the odor of the hot herbs, which could contaminate everything it reaches in that place ,where she lies, invaded his nose, so he retreated blocking his nose with his fingers and stretched his hands to feel the way out unconsciously saying: “Get rid of this thing,dispose it anywhere. Nothing could come out of her Venter; it’s a sheer ominous crypt of sleek muscles leading to the Mare.” The villagers, however, were fully sure that this brilliant oldster — who spent half of his lifetime mating flies and frogs, fertilizing large turtles and lizards using trees resin with bird excreta ; and exhuming aborted embryos and graves- through such advice showing an extensive knowledge and expertise,  that his legendary repute is untouchable. However, they for an unclear long time, were certain and confident about what he said. Otherwise, how to justify that a woman could impregnate and gives birth at the same time.   all that they knew about her is that she was the widow of that debauched person who the sultan cursed  to declare his killing, and then he died in that easy way which nobody had a clue about ; she spent all her lifetimes beside his hot streams with a thorny hair never got wet. No sooner had he passed away than she  vomited  and get inflicted by Pica, her skinny body got covered with such small excrescences that disseminated all over like thick warts, which when  scratched could spread with the shape of overhanging large clusters of broccoli –like masses. Her lesions raised the local physicians’ attention during that momentary pregnancy duration, her fetus spent it clutching to her womb. advised her to apply a mix of brown algae juice with virgin spiders’ saliva ; however, due to its complexity that remedy didn’t match the advice given by the most experienced village’s women. That woman said to have  rescued  her by coercing her, while screaming, to repeat incantations  to cast, as a last resort,  faced with those who commits Dystocia for the first time; or those who have inauspicious pelvic bones since their birth with a dense bushy shaft. Though she rushed to her at the time of labor, she soon left her, heading for the sea, dropped herself into , and silently drowned there, without dying.

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