Aftermath. Chapter eight...



Even with the ghost gone we always left the light on...

 Even with the ghost gone we always left the light on until we were ready for sleep. Lying there staring at the ceiling, quietly thinking about what we had discussed, I turned to Joy and said,"Can yer make out any faces from them cracks on ceiling?"

  "No. Why?" Joy said, looking up.

  "I can. There's a face of a man. Look...can't yer see. It looks like it's laughin' ... yer can even mek out a beard," I said pointing.

  "Oh, yeah.That's weird. Are yer ready for light out?" She said, uninterested. She got out of bed to turn out the light and hurried back in again: it was still cold at night. "Do yer know wot I would love ter do?" I said, out of the blue.

  "Wot?" Joy said, yawning.  

  "I would love ter make a fire in that fireplace: it would make the room look cosier. I wonder who lived up 'ere all those years ago." With no answer I knew joy had fallen asleep, leaving me with imaginary scenes from long ago ... Did scullery maids live up here...?

  When dropping of my dreams were vivid. I woke in a cold sweat, thinking it had come back. It was my worse nightmare. Joy was still sleeping as I searched the room with tired eyes, at the same time telling myself off for being paranoid. I decided to creep downstairs and get a drink: I couldn't lie there any more with my thoughts.

  Sometimes the fire was still giving off heat from the burning cinders in the grate. Curling up in Mums chair I would sometimes fall asleep. Even though the ghost had gone I still felt uneasy outside in our yard at night. I was convinced that the ghostly apparitions which roamed at night would suddenly cease after centuries of searching its cobbled platform.

  Six months had gone by with no reports of any kind of activity, until Joy ran down the stairs, telling us she had seen something in our room. I was devastated, standing there ... hearing the evil had returned. She had seen it standing by Amy's side of the bed. "Was it looking for her? looking for its little toy? What was it going to do now for its entertainment?

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