Hallucinations Galore!



The prompt A ferocious storm is moving into your town: 40 mph winds, hail, the whole deal. But you are a postal worker, and you operate no matter the weather, out you go. As you drive along, a tree branch falls in front of you and you slam into it, knocking yourself unconscious. You wake up...

There are days when Rose loved her job. She got to meet new people every day. She made plenty of friends while delivering their mail. Being a social butterfly, she enjoyed to company she had on the job.
     Then there was days like the one today. It was pouring rain. She could barely see in front of her mail truck. She had no choice though. The mail services always run, no matter the weather threat. Today the weather man call for heavy rain and strong winds. This didn’t seem that big of a deal to Rose. She has drove in worse. She just took the route a little slower and was more cautious. 

     It was early morning when she jumped in her truck and took off to her route. The sun had not even came up yet. Things were going well at first. Her first several stops went without a problem. She was thinking today was going to be a fine day. Her hope was beginning to come up some from the gloomy pit it sank in earlier that morning. Her favorite song was even playing on the radio. 

     The great feeling she had was not going to last long though. The winds kicked up something fierce. It was getting worse. The rain came down in the thickest waves, she couldn’t see anymore. The noise was drowning out all other sounds. The radio was silent at this point. Lightning flashed across the sky, giving her, momentary vision to see in front of her. The brief sight made her terrified. She saw what looked like a tree that fell in the road. Panicked, she tried to stop and avoid it. The rain was not on her side though. She hydroplaned straight into the tree. She felt the impact of the truck right before her nose slammed into the steering wheel. She was knocked out cold.

* * *

     When she woke up, she felt out of place at first. Raising up from the steering wheel, she tried to look around and gather her equilibrium back. She reached up to feel her nose. She knew it had to be broken, but it didn’t hurt and she didn’t find blood. Confused, she put on her raincoat and got out to inspect the damage to her truck.
     When she walked around to the front, she expected to see the entire front caved in. To her surprise, there was no dents on the truck. Her head was spinning at this point. She hit the tree. She knows that much. She felt the impact. She felt her nose break right before everything went black. She could not understand what was going on then.
     That’s when it happened. Her attention was pulled away from the truck by a loud boom echoing from the skies above. She jerked her head up to see if she could find the source of the noise. That’s when she saw them. Dragons! They were flying in the clouds for cover it seemed. She was dumbstruck. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Rubbing her eyes and shaking her head, she tried to clear her thoughts. She looked back up to the heavens to see if she was right. In an instant, lightning flashed across the sky and illuminated their silhouettes beautifully. There was doubt about it. There was dragons in the clouds, and they were the reason for the storm.
     She stood there in pure amazement. Being slightly nerdy, she always loved a good story about dragons and knights, but she never thought they were real. She had enough sense to determine reality from fantasy. She was sure though. They were real. She watched as they flew around each other. She could only see them clearly when the lightning flashed across the sky. It was truly a sight to see. She didn’t know what to do. All she could do was stand there and watch.
The two dragons swooped and dove past each other. She couldn’t decide if they were friendly or fighting each other. They kept diving around each other, till one lunged at the other. It was clear that it was a struggle between the two. Fear gripped Rose. She knew the devastation that dragons could cause if things got out of hand. That much was clear by the storm they were producing. They went at each other again. She realized then where the lightning was coming from. It was coming from them. Instead of fire, these dragons shot bolts of lightning from their mouths. It was a revelation to her. She thought it was only fire they could manifest. They shot bolts at each other. It looked beautiful until one of the bolts struck the ground near Rose. She was too stunned to move though. It was all so much to take in. It seemed to overload her senses. She just stood there and watched as the dragons fought.
     They seemed to be at a stalemate until one got the other one in its snout. The captured one fought as best as it could to break free. It kicked at the other with its back feet, scraping its belly. It was a desperate attempt to get away. With a final jerk, the bigger dragon snapped the other’s neck. The body fell limp in the air. Rose’s heart erupted with sadness. She didn’t want either one of them die. She watched as the bigger dragon flew with its kill still in its jaws. It flew around and crossed right over where she was standing. After releasing its kill, it flew back up into the sky. It let out the most thunderous roar that filled her ears to the point she couldn’t see past the pain in her head. She dropped to the ground and covered her ears, trying to keep the noise out. She never dropped her gaze from the dragon though. She was locked onto it. When it finished with its victory cry, it let out hundreds of bolts of lightning from its mouth. It was a sight to see. It lit up the sky brighter than she had ever seen in her life. The dragon flew up higher and higher at that point till it was lost from sight.
     Her attention was snapped back to the other dragon at that point. She knew it had to be close by. She ran in the direction that the other dragon had dropped it. She knew she had to be getting closer. That is when the problems started to hit her. She felt her nose start to bleed. It frightened her, but she kept running. She wanted to see the other dragon. As she ran farther, her nose exploded in pain. The pain almost blinded her. She did her best to keep going. The more she ran, however, the worse her vision got. She could barely see around her. She saw some damage where the body fell through the trees. She knew this was it. She came around a bend in the road. She could see the tail of the beast. Her eyes were nearly black though. As she walked closer, her head got dizzy and she fell. Rose blackout out from the pain.

* * *

     She woke up in her truck. Her head was pounding. Her nose hurt like hell. Blood was everywhere. Her head was spinning. The storm was still raging outside. She put her coat on and did her best to get out of the truck without falling flat on her face. She stepped out and could see the tree that she hit. It did a great job at destroying her truck. Dread filled her as she realized how bad the situation was. Then she remembered the dragons. She shot her head up to see if she could see them. She was brokenhearted when she couldn’t see them. The sky was full of clouds and lightning, but no dragons fighting. She pulled out her phone and dialed 911. As she sat there and waited for them to arrive, all she could think about was the dragons. It was a beautiful secret that she would have to keep to herself. She was now back into her normal boring life.
     As the ambulance arrived, she decided it was best to keep quiet about her “dream”. She knew it was real. She also knew that no one would believe her. As she climbed into the back of the ambulance, she glanced back up towards the sky one last time. She thought she saw a glimpse of the victorious dragon flying around. A smile crept on her face as she was taken away from that place.


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